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the Sledge that Backfired To Pigeon

Posted by seshdotcom on January 13, 2008

My name is Sesha i am a Clamant Cricket Lover I have a great passion for that Sport.I would like to say one of my best in stash match it was a Match that took Place in westIndies in which the Arrogant Mcgrath Sledging backfired at Him by Sarwan Sarwan Hit 4 consecutive 4’s of Mcgrath After that Spat..The conversation

Mcgrath:How does brain lara’s dick tastes

Sarwan:Your wife knows better

The Autralians are chintzy people(tehre were also some Good Players)who damage their Personality by these kinds of comments

4 Responses to “the Sledge that Backfired To Pigeon”

  1. Vinod said

    Scene da Sesha. Welcome to the world of blogging. Keep posting.

  2. Visu said

    Haha, yes i too remember this match da.
    Nose cut for Mcgrath.

    Scene da, welcome to blogging (Although i don`t blog)

  3. Mahesh said

    welcome to blogging…expecting a lot from you!!

  4. Vjai said

    Hey.. i had seen d match too… The Aussies shd be treated in an even worser manner!!!

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