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The man for all seasons—FiDeL CaStRo

Posted by seshdotcom on February 22, 2008

275px-castrotrudeau.jpgCastro left with prime minister of Canada

Fidel Castro a revolutionary leader of cuba – a country which is also called “BOWL OF SUGAR” at a very young age of 12 he wrote a letter to American President Franklin D.Roosevelt expressing admiration and he asked Franklin for a $10 Bill because he has never seen a Green American 10$Bill..Castro Overthrew the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and after some days he was sworn in as the new prime Minister of Cuba.Due to his Prolonged illness he transfeered his powers to his younger Brother Raul Castro..One of the remarkable achievement of Castro is at an young age of 21 itself he was able to Operate the Hardest of weapons like big bayonets and Rocket launchers..Not once or twice numerous attempts were made to kill this great man–Once his own lover Martina Lorenz tried to kill him by giving poison pills.After this Particular Incident Fidel told If surviving assasination is held as a Olympic competition i WOULD WIN A GOLD MEDAL–what a hilarious statement it is!!!!He was also famous for leading the Guerilla Attack against Batista..

Whom do you rate as one of the best of International personalities(National leaders)next to M.K.Gandhi



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