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Where do Gods abode????Series 2:The other 5 worlds of Teutonic Guys!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 31, 2008

I left out with the five worlds lets c about what this wise Man->Odin has done in his other Worlds

*Vanaheimr :

The very name suggests that this name has got its root from some other term can u guys guess what it is???It is Vanir->Which is the name of a clan of the Two clans of Gods in Norse Mythology which is in Addition to Æsir.The gods in this World are said to be Primordial Gods they are said to be Oldest of Gods they are also called Quondam gods.Generally there arises some problem while considering Vanaheimr as one of the worlds of Norse Mythology but still it is considered to be the PREMIVAL PLACE OF GODS.

*Niflheimr :

Misty Niflheimr

This is also called the “Abode of Mist” or Mist World.The Niflheimr is a word which is not extinct even today even while comparing very Misty Place we used to say as Sort of Niflheimr ->Thier name still appears in Gylfaginning–>deals with creation and Destruction of Norse gods.According to Norse Myth the creation of living thing began between these two realms of Fire and Cold and later this became the Kingdom of Underworld ruler Hel and her lyceum was called as Éljúðnir.

Hel,the Goddess of demice is also the godess of fulfilment.Etymology of her name is from:”HOLE and WHOLE” and she governs not only death but also the process of birth and rebirth.Hel was hurtled down to the world of ice in the beginning of time and there she created 9 dark worlds.The bright of Balder and the power of the sun descend into her mistyrealm,but in the future Baldr->Second son of Odin will be reborn and he would rise from her womb like the sun during the spring


This is the world of Fairies and Elves.The interesting thing with these elves over here is it is similar to NAVAGRAHA in Hindu Mythology->If you have these Navagraha’s Grace you can go high similarly if you don’t have you will Slump even during the best part of your Life


This the world where the dominant power is fire it is said to be from this world the Fire Giants have arose and thier chief god Surtr is said to have Born only at Muspelheim so this draws some similarity between the Norse Myth and Hindu Myth think of Surtr to be the Lord of Agni who lives at Indra’s Court it is said that Surtr rids hid Hordes to meet the God in the Final battle of Ragnarok which tells the Ultimate destruction of gods in the Battle with evil.

These are the ten worlds of Scandinavians

Chaffers segment:Do you find any similarities between the Norse Myhtology and Hindu Mythology if so please feel free to exchange so that that makes me write in detail

Bye Bye—Sesha

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Where do the Gods Abode???lets go into the world of Norse Myth

Posted by seshdotcom on March 30, 2008

Prologue:There are lots of Sections in the Norse mythology and I’m going to make a short Brush up of the different types of worlds in Norse Mythology which tells you who lives in which world.

The gods created 10 types of worlds in the Norse Mythology and the Great Odin lives in the best of that.

Let us go into that Vikings world and lets c what are all the veracious things that has happened in that world for decades

It is a Magical world with a charm filled Space.It is said to be existed even before the Universe was created..Primordial existence of this Ginnungap makes sure that Odin employs all his Magical Assistants at correct Place and give them a Separate Job which cannot be carried out by Ordinary Norse campaigners.It was Once said that the Life of Odin itself lies only in “Ginnungagap“->Must be adopted as Heaven’s Heritage Site.It lies south of Niflheim.

The Yggdrasil

In the mid”GARD”dle of the universe you will find the world of man.People say that Midgard bears the most beautiful flora on the world.The great tree Yggdrasil , but the world of man is a very fragile world and it is under a permanent threat.The elevated/advanced balance between polarities is the fundament of Midgard , could easily be disturbed.If that would happen the forces of Confusion will inundate the earth and the end will be the only future for humanity.


At the top of all is a Mountain in general in all Mythologies-> in the Middle of the Universe,At the Celestial point above the world of man,rises the abode of the gods.The lustrous halls of the gods circle in the sky like the stars and there lies the twelve signs of the zodiac which represents the 12 Zodiacal constellations.Only those who are brave and pure of hearth will be brought up in the air to the palaces of Asgard.they will ride upon the rainbow and fight side by side with the gods on the end of days.


Beyond the Impossible->you can find out only the drumming and the heavy Stomping of Giants.They are born out of the primordial forces of nature and they are said to Exist even before the Gods were Born(Goodness me isn’t it Amazing).their roughshod power is only surpassed by their sapience,since the old age of the giants have made them see what neither gods nor men ever will.


The nanuses and the black elves are said to live inside the Stones,sepulcher,or Even beneath the Ground.They are said to be the inventor of blacksmiths Job.Deep down in the underworld they forge and they take atmost care for the treasures of gods like Relics/Odins Spear,Valkries Jewels.They use the metals from the veins of the earth to create the most precious things.It has been said that this folk may be able to teach you the secret of chemistry and they are said to be the Professors who explain how to get gold out of Magma.

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Recession->what it does???Global economy in jeopardy!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 29, 2008

                      recession1.jpgPrelude : The outcome of National or Regional economics which broadly speaking doesn’t favour the civvy is called a Recession.I don’t want to go deep into the different countries that were inflicted with recession instead lets see what recession does to an country’s economy.By the research done by National Bureau of Economic Research it can be redacted in this way->”A recession is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales”here GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product which is an Standard for Measuring economy which takes into consideration different factors like Capital,Market values etc in a Period of 1 Year.

What recession does???

Recession makes either Inflation or Deflation of Market prices which when goes by the way of a civilian a fall in price is always a one which should be welcomed but see from the angle of original possessor it would be hard to digest..Isn’t guys???.Similarly deflation in one way or other it affects either the producer/dealer or the consumer.

Since the business cycle is very hard to predict you cannot say when an recession is going to happen we all know the world economy teeters between bad and worse so its pretty hard to handle recession

Recession in USA:

Everyone knew that the companies which have U.S as thier Migdol Stronghold is suffering due to sudden slump in Dollar’s Price vs Rupias,Yens,the dinars etc..So what happens to Global economy by any chance Global economy in jeopardy->America is harbored from a deep recessionary Gutter by its magnificent diversity, a worldwide slowdown could increase the possibility of a Global Avalanche, propelled by the U.S. consumer sector and considerably this lowers the demand from world’s manufacturing Giants the reason for this is the consumers in U.S have considerably reduced thier demand of products from other country.

America has only (5/100) of Population out of that in the Universe but about 1/4 of the resources is consumed by the population in U.S.Another important reason say some 14% reason for recession is people who were unable to repay the debt they have with the Banks who would have Pledged thier house as thier Surety and it would have lost its Value when it was during the time of quotation and unable to repay the debt some part of what h/she has borrowed would be paid by bank->Loss of resources.

Whatever i know i have written Please Obliterate/Neglect the Mistakes i ahve commited

Gossips section:

DO YOU THINK RECESSION REALLY HAS MADE AN MAJOR IMPACT IN Indian economy if so in what areas????

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KaReEm AbDuL JaBbAr-Spire Man of BaSketball

Posted by seshdotcom on March 29, 2008

The magniloquent jabbarYou cannot miss this man in the Court even if you are in a half slumber not only because of his 7ft2 height but for his gumptious and never give up Policy in the court.Born as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor he had great interest in Athletics and he was also considered to be one of the Best Player to have played the NBA.While studying in the School his team held one of the Stupendous  Record by a School in the state championship by winning 72 consecutive games.


Born on April 16th 1947 his father was in departmental store as a Price checker.He was raised as a Roman Catholic before his conversion to Islam in his college days.And he won surplus game for his school at his young age and was Portrayed as a Child with Supernatural powers because of his belligerence in the Court when he represented his school.

College Days and Conversion to Islam:

In his early college days Alcindor and the UCLA Bruins faced the Houston Cougars and this match->”Game of the Century” was the first ever Basketball match widely telecasted in the televison.And the result of the match is bruins Unprecedented winnign streak of 47 games was brought to an end and on Alcindor’s side the Dearth was ended.

On his conversion to Islam he said to the Playboy Magazine that he had a great devotion to Islam from his early childhood days and he got converted when he started to think that The Time Has Come.

Spousal Life:

He Married Janice Brown who later became Habiba Abdul Jabbar they had three children daughters Habiba and Sultana and son Kareem.

Famous Shot:

Abdul-Jabbar was well known for his trademark “sky hook” a shot in which he made his supple body bend like a Copper wire and Makes it reach the basket Safely.

Currently he is serving as a Coach and visiting coach to many Leading clubs like Lakers Eagles etc.,


He was named as the greatest college Basketball Player of all time by ESPN.


He created record by scoring 38,387 Points and by winning Most Valuable Player Awards Six times

Do you think that Jabbar is the greatest ever Player in the History to Play this sort of Ball Game????

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JeJuNe Jones!!!19 years Back

Posted by seshdotcom on March 28, 2008

images4.jpg March 27th now let us see whatz special about today with the Cricketing career of Dean Jones..It is all about Dinu’s Saga at Guyana Dinu’s Timber was disturbed by Walsh but it was a No Ball without hearing the call he tramped off the crease.Livewire Carl Hooper fired the ball to the Stumps and Dean Jones was run Out and a Bizarre thing happened there Umpire Clyde Cumberbatch->Upheld the Decision albeit it was totally against the rule 38.2 which states that a batsman can be Run Out only if he tries to Steal a run out of the Opposition(i.e if he is attempting to run).And later he was given run out and only from that particular incidents like this turned to the favour of the Fielding Side.After this Incident happened Wisden cricket magazine described Condition Mr.Cumberbatch’s effigy in stands when he Upheld the decision ->’a macabre dance from a noose‘..And Very Loud Slogans were made BURN THE UMPIRE NOW!!!!

Noose:A Trap made for Birds

Macabre:Shockingly repellent; inspiring horror

Result:Australia lost by 10 wickets


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Ceylonese End Caribbean dearth

Posted by seshdotcom on March 27, 2008

Shivs timber missing (DI“lmahGICELs”)-It was a stupendous performance by the Srilankan cricket team which had a Convincing win over the West indies yesterday.The Stager Vaas made them scent victory by his five wicket Haul which consisted Uprooted Timber of Mr.Shivnarine Chanderpaul.Prassanna Jayawardene was Injured in the Midst of the game and Only Sangakkara kept wickets for him->He(Sanga) took an Astounding catch of M.Samuels to Make the hosts 3 down for 190 odd runs in the second Innings this was not before Muralitharan bowled an absolute beauty and caught himself the Saviour Bravo’s catch.After the match was over in his review THE GREATEST BOWLER OF ALL TIME Michael Holding mentioned West Indies team as lackadaisical(lacking Spirit) team.

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Blackjacked MOTORO”ller coaster”A into 1+1

Posted by seshdotcom on March 27, 2008

images3.jpgAfter a two-month strategic deadlock critique of its businesses, which was widely Published in The Guardian,Tuners on Wednesday Mot”W”orola promulgated that it would split itself into two separate PTC(Public traded company), spinning off its unprofitable mobile phone unit to investors.

IPhone’s Scathe on Motorola:

One of the Important resons behind this splitting was because of Apples Iphone which caught the eye of many buyers of the High end Market so obviously because of many other special features in Iphone and Bellwave the clients were made to think very hard and the Result is concavity in Motorola’s market(44% slump in the last years review)

Is Motorola planning for a free Distribution to Improve its Market ?????????

The Answer is Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!Motorola is expecting for a Spinoff during which it is to give thier shareholders whatever product obtained free of cost

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The Be”Calm”lligerent AuNg SaN SuU KyI

Posted by seshdotcom on March 27, 2008

_41692572_06_2002_afp1.jpgEtymology :Aung San-Her Father ,Suu-Her Grandmother,Kyi-Her Mother(Born on June 1945) is the leader of NLDB(National league of democracy in Burma) nom de plume:Daw->Which is a honorific term for older woman.Notable Moment of Suu Kyi’s life came when she got the Rafto Prize,Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought,and last but not the least the Nobel Peace Prize on 1991.She is currently under captivity by the Burna Junta Government.Albeit she won her 1990 elections with a supererogatory margin she was unable to form of the Government because of the Totalitarian Government by the Burma Junta Party.

Spousal Life:

Aung san suu kyi married Michael Aris a assimilator and gave birth Alexander and Kim.Aris was denied visa to return to Burma after the Birth of kim when it was diagnosed that Aris is Inflicted with prostrate Cancer.Aung San Suu Kyi remained in Burma, and never again saw her husband, who died in March 1999. She remains separated from her children, who live in the England now

Freedom From Fear:

This is one of the Greatest of speech made by Suu Kyi which will even Disintergate A diamond -“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it(Source wiki)”.

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Posted by seshdotcom on March 26, 2008


200px-amazon_com_logosvg.png known to an Washington(American) Based company it has done everything for which it can be considered as a Lynchpin of the Blogosphere.Founded by Jeff Bezos in the early days of May 1994 it started by making sale by Online Bookstore But sooon it branched out by entering into the area of DVD’s,VCD’s,Computer Games,Apparels etc and it has its HQ at seattle Washington 180px-seattle-pacmed-2571.jpg

Amazon’s astounding Break:

It was on the Year 1997 that got a Break for Amazon it got listed in the NASDAQ.And at 2005 Amazing Amazon entered the S&P 500-a stock market index which has the stocks of Top 500 Corporations.

Now Amazon is in competition with other famous organizations like paypal,Auctionate etc…

Latest News:Now Amazon is all set to Open a Global worldwide Library at Amazonate-a separate City(Source Ind Exp)…Mostly this Project is set to be Over by 2014—Reuters

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The Champion Quits-Stephen Fleming

Posted by seshdotcom on March 25, 2008

11.jpg The Greatman’s Debut-After his test Debut Against the India in March 1994 at Hamilton he had every reason to look back at his career and cheer for what he has done to his country with a 92 The match was Drawn and Stephen fleming was Awarded the “Man of the Match”.He also became the Youngest N.Z Captain when he was hardly 24.

Career Timeline :

He was New Zealand’s longest serving Player/skipper inspite of his critics for bad 50-100 conversion ratios he has Played some Sizzlers like the century he Blasted at port of Spain 106*,116* Against Australia at MCG,And 2 Double tons against Srilanka,And there came a Double Basking for Fleming when he Scored 202 against Bangladesh he Surpassed Martin Crowe’s record of 5444 runs for New Zealand.Coming to his One day Innings his best one was 134* which came against South Africa during the 1999 World cup at England(A Saviour Knock in which Mr.Duckworth Poked).


His Unselfishness was brought to the Cricketing world and silenced the critics when he Selflessly declared with 274* against Srilanka he eventhough had chance of reaching 300(A Landmark for any Player).

One day Stats:Matches Played:280,Runs Scored:8037,Avg:32.47

Test match stats: Matches Played:111,Runs:7172,Avg:40.06

He is Arguably the best One day/test Player/Captain and a long serving Captain who can be widely delineated as one of the Greats of the Game.

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