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How Chintzy the Aussies can Be!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 15, 2008

192590.jpgHere is Mr.Dennis Lillee Arguing with Mike Brearley For Using Aluminium Bat..Dennis Lillee walked to resume his innings Against England at perth he was armed with metal. He Played with an Aluminum Bat instead of a Wooden Willow.And English Captain Mike Brearley Complained that the metal is Damaging the Leather of the ball..Mr.Lillee Who has Already Scored a Duck Against W.I using the Same Bat decided to Hit Some fierceful shots with that METAL Bat After some Overs greg Chappel told him to Surrender that bat he threw that like a Absolute Choleric player…

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Yanni-The Self taught Ambrosia

Posted by seshdotcom on March 15, 2008

yanni a Greek Music composer who had No tutors to learn Music.The Pianist did some great works with his Fingers.Once George W.Bush  Presented him with some lustrous gifts.When he First heard Yanni’s work-Really a Hard Fighting Man this Guy Yanni is.—isn’t it was G.W.Bush comments!!!..when Once Asked about the Achievements he has done he didn’t Say any of his personal things instead he Said everthing goes to “Minnesota”.He became well known to the Music World by Live At Acropolis Satge Concert Show which got a Round of applause from the gathering.Even wiki says that Charlie Adams A American Drummer Said in one of the Best show or Concert in Last 25 years is yanni’s “LIVE AT ACROPOLIS”–Amazing Chap this Yanni….

Be there for my writeups comment about Yanni— A Tribute to Yanni releasing worldwide on March 18th

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Drollery About Sunny!!!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 15, 2008

Hello guys Everyone Know that Sunil Gavaskar is a great Batsman and he once held the World record for Most Number of centuries.But does anyone know about his only test scalp and one day scalp .He took only one wicket in Both one day and Tests its Zaheer Abbas.Zaheer Abbas in one of his Interview to 9th channel said that I cannot forget the Ball Sunny Bowled me it came for a Week in My dreams..My Team mates made fun of me.

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