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Best of Spats!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 17, 2008

images.jpgI would like to Expose you  what is said to be THE MOST UNDIGNIFIED INCIDENT in the History of Cricket.Mr.Lillee couldn’t Tolerate when Miandad Turned him down for a Single to Square Leg.And While Miandad is On the way for Completing a Easy Run Lillee kicked Miandad while returning to the Top of his bowling mark.And Aroused Miandad Lifted his Bat so as to off Lillee and created a SAGA.After which after TV Replays Showed Lillee was found guilty and he was the one who started it….And would you Believe It he was not effaced of the ICC or Censured Instead he escaped with Just 120$ fine and a 2 Match ban for Kicking a Player—– “wantedly”…
Do you Think that the ICC are partial to Australia from early days of Cricket?????

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Shane Warne was Bowling in a Match at MCG Mahanama was taking Strike and he Just made a Push to covers for no run…Healy:Can’t you Hit the Ball in the Air TIMID MAHA..

Mahanama:Do you want to Suck My cock…

A pressure cooker Situation was Going on

as The Next Delivery Got Mahanama Bowled Around the Legs

This is How these Aussies Take Wickets ……

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