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256 GB in a Sheet Of Paper Would u Believe It!!!!!!!!!!RVD

Posted by seshdotcom on March 18, 2008

Rainbow Video Disk————–ABIDEEN WHAT A MAN????????????

A Indian Student has Invented a New Way of Data Storage 256Gb in a Sheet of A4 paper.The name he has given for that is RAINBOW VIDEO DISK.Generally Data Storage is done with Alternate 0’s and 1’s for each and every blips now Using Well Defined Geometric Shapes the Data is stored.The other name given to this technology is 8.26*11.29 Technology which is the Dimension of a A4 sheet paper.It has a New Name to the Data Format used—-RAINBOW FORMAT.After the Complete Storage the Contents are read through a Speically designed Scanner.This technology was invented by a INDIAN STUDENT NAMED “ABIDEEN”.So be Proud to be an Indian…Whatever Input is Given to that Embedded Coding with a Specially equipped hardware converts the text,pictures to a Definite Geometric Shapes this was given the Name as Rainbow Format..


3 Responses to “256 GB in a Sheet Of Paper Would u Believe It!!!!!!!!!!RVD”

  1. harish said

    it’s really good to see a A4 sheet being made into a data storage device…from where did u get this sesha??

  2. Great web-site!!! You did an amazing job!!! I enjoyed watching the videos!!! You guys are great!
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    • seshdotcom said

      Hey Thanks for your comments can you please tell me how to Present it Like STOMP I shall try my Best to bring out the best in me.So may I know where are you from and your name??..And Last but not the least Thanks for stopping by my weblog

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