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The unprecedented KUnNakuDi Vaidyanathan

Posted by seshdotcom on March 21, 2008

images2.jpgKunnakudi-The Demigod with violin….Born to a abreast sanskrit Professor-Sri Ramaswamy Shastri.His (violin)It can even even cure the Brutal diseases..He is one of the greats of the Industry who Does classical Music with the Violin and his Adroitness in Handling violin is a Great thing even at this Age of 73 his notes and whatever he has envisaged in his Mind never Slip it comes out through the violin as Sweet Notes.At his young Age itself he was very much attached with loyalists like Semmangudi,Aryakudi etc…He is one man in that Industry who makes a Music lover/ardent fan and also a Layman Happy..He has a Great belief in the therapeutical merits of music(Source -Wiki).For his noble services to the field of Music he was Awarded the padma Shri by the Indian Government

Do you think Music is an panacea to whatever disease/restlessness in Mind you have????

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