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PiCaSa-The Gooooooooogle Formula

Posted by seshdotcom on March 22, 2008

PICASA at a SnapshotPicasa-A Boon to Digital lensman -Would you believe it its a freeware.Picasa is a paronomasia on the name of Spanish Painter Picasso.It is a freeware by which you can machinate all your Photos in your Computer.Like Photoshop you can Add or Delete some features to the photos u put on Picasa Album.

Its opening is like a Thunderstorm and you can Share your Photos with others in Lightning Speed.All you need to Organize your photo effectively is to have a Microsoft Xp/2000 and an Internet Explorer 5.0 or a Higher version…It has an Logo of an Conventionalized House with opening of camera Lens.One of the important Advantage with Picasa is it can parse XMP data Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) which is used for storing Metadata..It works by using an .ini file to keep track of keywords of each Image.As of March 2007 it storage space was increased to 1 Gb which was 250MB while Introducing.

Picasa WordPress Widget:

We the Users of is able to Share and Upload photos randomly How?????

I t is because of Picasa-A wordpress Plugin

4 Responses to “PiCaSa-The Gooooooooogle Formula”

  1. Vjai said

    Hav never used picasa.. But google always innovates.. So, will try to try it..

  2. I have recently uploaded about 600 photos to Picasa and I still can’t find them in a google search.

  3. seshdotcom said

    Oh David why is it like that???I think you can find it???

  4. iyepes said

    Could you tell us how to do it? I’ve been trying to find the code but I haven’t been able to. I it an added widget?

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