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Northman-MoRtAl Vikings and the V@lkyrie

Posted by seshdotcom on March 24, 2008


Lets go into the world of Norse campaign:They are said to exist from 1 2th century to 18th century..Out of all Gods in Norse Campaign Odin is considered to be the chief God in NORSE Mythology born to Bestla and Borr Odin he had Many wives.Through them he also became father of Many children notable among them is Balder the eldest son who was the sign of Beauty and Wisdom..And Hodr-(The Lord of Swarthiness) was also his son who was Blind and was contradictory to the services of God Balder..

The Valkyrie are one of the powerful element in Odin’s army.

What is thier Main line of work:They used to round in the battlefield and look for the Warriors who died bravely in the Battlefield(einherjar )and she used to carry thier spirits to Valhalla-Heaven of Odin.And the other warriors are sent to Folkvangr-The Hell(Source-wiki).The Valkyrie also Wash the vessels and do all the domestic work in Odin’s kingdom.They are delineated as Beautiful Maidens Sitting on Winged Horses(as shown above)..

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