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Posted by seshdotcom on March 26, 2008


200px-amazon_com_logosvg.png known to an Washington(American) Based company it has done everything for which it can be considered as a Lynchpin of the Blogosphere.Founded by Jeff Bezos in the early days of May 1994 it started by making sale by Online Bookstore But sooon it branched out by entering into the area of DVD’s,VCD’s,Computer Games,Apparels etc and it has its HQ at seattle Washington 180px-seattle-pacmed-2571.jpg

Amazon’s astounding Break:

It was on the Year 1997 that got a Break for Amazon it got listed in the NASDAQ.And at 2005 Amazing Amazon entered the S&P 500-a stock market index which has the stocks of Top 500 Corporations.

Now Amazon is in competition with other famous organizations like paypal,Auctionate etc…

Latest News:Now Amazon is all set to Open a Global worldwide Library at Amazonate-a separate City(Source Ind Exp)…Mostly this Project is set to be Over by 2014—Reuters

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