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Blackjacked MOTORO”ller coaster”A into 1+1

Posted by seshdotcom on March 27, 2008

images3.jpgAfter a two-month strategic deadlock critique of its businesses, which was widely Published in The Guardian,Tuners on Wednesday Mot”W”orola promulgated that it would split itself into two separate PTC(Public traded company), spinning off its unprofitable mobile phone unit to investors.

IPhone’s Scathe on Motorola:

One of the Important resons behind this splitting was because of Apples Iphone which caught the eye of many buyers of the High end Market so obviously because of many other special features in Iphone and Bellwave the clients were made to think very hard and the Result is concavity in Motorola’s market(44% slump in the last years review)

Is Motorola planning for a free Distribution to Improve its Market ?????????

The Answer is Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!Motorola is expecting for a Spinoff during which it is to give thier shareholders whatever product obtained free of cost


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