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Ceylonese End Caribbean dearth

Posted by seshdotcom on March 27, 2008

Shivs timber missing (DI“lmahGICELs”)-It was a stupendous performance by the Srilankan cricket team which had a Convincing win over the West indies yesterday.The Stager Vaas made them scent victory by his five wicket Haul which consisted Uprooted Timber of Mr.Shivnarine Chanderpaul.Prassanna Jayawardene was Injured in the Midst of the game and Only Sangakkara kept wickets for him->He(Sanga) took an Astounding catch of M.Samuels to Make the hosts 3 down for 190 odd runs in the second Innings this was not before Muralitharan bowled an absolute beauty and caught himself the Saviour Bravo’s catch.After the match was over in his review THE GREATEST BOWLER OF ALL TIME Michael Holding mentioned West Indies team as lackadaisical(lacking Spirit) team.

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