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JeJuNe Jones!!!19 years Back

Posted by seshdotcom on March 28, 2008

images4.jpg March 27th now let us see whatz special about today with the Cricketing career of Dean Jones..It is all about Dinu’s Saga at Guyana Dinu’s Timber was disturbed by Walsh but it was a No Ball without hearing the call he tramped off the crease.Livewire Carl Hooper fired the ball to the Stumps and Dean Jones was run Out and a Bizarre thing happened there Umpire Clyde Cumberbatch->Upheld the Decision albeit it was totally against the rule 38.2 which states that a batsman can be Run Out only if he tries to Steal a run out of the Opposition(i.e if he is attempting to run).And later he was given run out and only from that particular incidents like this turned to the favour of the Fielding Side.After this Incident happened Wisden cricket magazine described Condition Mr.Cumberbatch’s effigy in stands when he Upheld the decision ->’a macabre dance from a noose‘..And Very Loud Slogans were made BURN THE UMPIRE NOW!!!!

Noose:A Trap made for Birds

Macabre:Shockingly repellent; inspiring horror

Result:Australia lost by 10 wickets


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