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KaReEm AbDuL JaBbAr-Spire Man of BaSketball

Posted by seshdotcom on March 29, 2008

The magniloquent jabbarYou cannot miss this man in the Court even if you are in a half slumber not only because of his 7ft2 height but for his gumptious and never give up Policy in the court.Born as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor he had great interest in Athletics and he was also considered to be one of the Best Player to have played the NBA.While studying in the School his team held one of the Stupendous  Record by a School in the state championship by winning 72 consecutive games.


Born on April 16th 1947 his father was in departmental store as a Price checker.He was raised as a Roman Catholic before his conversion to Islam in his college days.And he won surplus game for his school at his young age and was Portrayed as a Child with Supernatural powers because of his belligerence in the Court when he represented his school.

College Days and Conversion to Islam:

In his early college days Alcindor and the UCLA Bruins faced the Houston Cougars and this match->”Game of the Century” was the first ever Basketball match widely telecasted in the televison.And the result of the match is bruins Unprecedented winnign streak of 47 games was brought to an end and on Alcindor’s side the Dearth was ended.

On his conversion to Islam he said to the Playboy Magazine that he had a great devotion to Islam from his early childhood days and he got converted when he started to think that The Time Has Come.

Spousal Life:

He Married Janice Brown who later became Habiba Abdul Jabbar they had three children daughters Habiba and Sultana and son Kareem.

Famous Shot:

Abdul-Jabbar was well known for his trademark “sky hook” a shot in which he made his supple body bend like a Copper wire and Makes it reach the basket Safely.

Currently he is serving as a Coach and visiting coach to many Leading clubs like Lakers Eagles etc.,


He was named as the greatest college Basketball Player of all time by ESPN.


He created record by scoring 38,387 Points and by winning Most Valuable Player Awards Six times

Do you think that Jabbar is the greatest ever Player in the History to Play this sort of Ball Game????

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