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Where do the Gods Abode???lets go into the world of Norse Myth

Posted by seshdotcom on March 30, 2008

Prologue:There are lots of Sections in the Norse mythology and I’m going to make a short Brush up of the different types of worlds in Norse Mythology which tells you who lives in which world.

The gods created 10 types of worlds in the Norse Mythology and the Great Odin lives in the best of that.

Let us go into that Vikings world and lets c what are all the veracious things that has happened in that world for decades

It is a Magical world with a charm filled Space.It is said to be existed even before the Universe was created..Primordial existence of this Ginnungap makes sure that Odin employs all his Magical Assistants at correct Place and give them a Separate Job which cannot be carried out by Ordinary Norse campaigners.It was Once said that the Life of Odin itself lies only in “Ginnungagap“->Must be adopted as Heaven’s Heritage Site.It lies south of Niflheim.

The Yggdrasil

In the mid”GARD”dle of the universe you will find the world of man.People say that Midgard bears the most beautiful flora on the world.The great tree Yggdrasil , but the world of man is a very fragile world and it is under a permanent threat.The elevated/advanced balance between polarities is the fundament of Midgard , could easily be disturbed.If that would happen the forces of Confusion will inundate the earth and the end will be the only future for humanity.


At the top of all is a Mountain in general in all Mythologies-> in the Middle of the Universe,At the Celestial point above the world of man,rises the abode of the gods.The lustrous halls of the gods circle in the sky like the stars and there lies the twelve signs of the zodiac which represents the 12 Zodiacal constellations.Only those who are brave and pure of hearth will be brought up in the air to the palaces of Asgard.they will ride upon the rainbow and fight side by side with the gods on the end of days.


Beyond the Impossible->you can find out only the drumming and the heavy Stomping of Giants.They are born out of the primordial forces of nature and they are said to Exist even before the Gods were Born(Goodness me isn’t it Amazing).their roughshod power is only surpassed by their sapience,since the old age of the giants have made them see what neither gods nor men ever will.


The nanuses and the black elves are said to live inside the Stones,sepulcher,or Even beneath the Ground.They are said to be the inventor of blacksmiths Job.Deep down in the underworld they forge and they take atmost care for the treasures of gods like Relics/Odins Spear,Valkries Jewels.They use the metals from the veins of the earth to create the most precious things.It has been said that this folk may be able to teach you the secret of chemistry and they are said to be the Professors who explain how to get gold out of Magma.

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