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Where do Gods abode????Series 2:The other 5 worlds of Teutonic Guys!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on March 31, 2008

I left out with the five worlds lets c about what this wise Man->Odin has done in his other Worlds

*Vanaheimr :

The very name suggests that this name has got its root from some other term can u guys guess what it is???It is Vanir->Which is the name of a clan of the Two clans of Gods in Norse Mythology which is in Addition to Æsir.The gods in this World are said to be Primordial Gods they are said to be Oldest of Gods they are also called Quondam gods.Generally there arises some problem while considering Vanaheimr as one of the worlds of Norse Mythology but still it is considered to be the PREMIVAL PLACE OF GODS.

*Niflheimr :

Misty Niflheimr

This is also called the “Abode of Mist” or Mist World.The Niflheimr is a word which is not extinct even today even while comparing very Misty Place we used to say as Sort of Niflheimr ->Thier name still appears in Gylfaginning–>deals with creation and Destruction of Norse gods.According to Norse Myth the creation of living thing began between these two realms of Fire and Cold and later this became the Kingdom of Underworld ruler Hel and her lyceum was called as Éljúðnir.

Hel,the Goddess of demice is also the godess of fulfilment.Etymology of her name is from:”HOLE and WHOLE” and she governs not only death but also the process of birth and rebirth.Hel was hurtled down to the world of ice in the beginning of time and there she created 9 dark worlds.The bright of Balder and the power of the sun descend into her mistyrealm,but in the future Baldr->Second son of Odin will be reborn and he would rise from her womb like the sun during the spring


This is the world of Fairies and Elves.The interesting thing with these elves over here is it is similar to NAVAGRAHA in Hindu Mythology->If you have these Navagraha’s Grace you can go high similarly if you don’t have you will Slump even during the best part of your Life


This the world where the dominant power is fire it is said to be from this world the Fire Giants have arose and thier chief god Surtr is said to have Born only at Muspelheim so this draws some similarity between the Norse Myth and Hindu Myth think of Surtr to be the Lord of Agni who lives at Indra’s Court it is said that Surtr rids hid Hordes to meet the God in the Final battle of Ragnarok which tells the Ultimate destruction of gods in the Battle with evil.

These are the ten worlds of Scandinavians

Chaffers segment:Do you find any similarities between the Norse Myhtology and Hindu Mythology if so please feel free to exchange so that that makes me write in detail

Bye Bye—Sesha

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  1. Sundar said

    Norse mythology aaah

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