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The Greatest Over in Test History-The surmount of Fast Bowling

Posted by seshdotcom on April 12, 2008

Prologue: Many of them know Michael Holding for his very Distinct Accent but there is something more the WORLD WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT HIM.He is one of the Greatest bowler West Indies have Produced and He is one the fastest bowlers in the world who has made the Timber disappearing very often and has given nightmares to many batsman.Also called as Jamaican Express and Whispering Death->This is because of his slow coach approach to the Bowling Crease which makes many batsman Dizzy and distract.

Early days: In his Early days Holding was a Sprinter and a Natural athlete with a Supple Body who was basically running as an Middle Distance Runner and He Gradually learnt his bowling as days passed by with the Tape Ball and by Playing Beach cricket with some Breathtaking Performances and eventually he got selected in the West Indies Cricket Team and he soon established himself to be the Frontrunner and Backbone of the Windies Bowling with the Garners,Clarkes,Sylvesters and The Marshalls.

The Greatest Over ever Bowled in the History of Test Cricket: In 1981 Geoffrey Boycott took stands to Michael Holdings 2nd over and Holding with his Natural Action Bowled some Buzzing deliveries which stunned Boycott and Some them Whistled past the Outside Edge and Holding Increased the Pace as each and every deliveries were Bowled and Mr.Boycott was able to survive only for 5 balls the 6th ball saw Boycotts Timber Uprooted with an Decisive Delivery…This was Quoted as Wisden as the GREATEST OVER BOWLED IN TEST HISTORY

Strong footer HlodingThe Holding High Kicker:Apart from his great bowling Michael Holding was also notable for some of his Notorious events like kicking the Sticks in Agony that his appeal was turned down in a Match Against New Zealand which took the Timber some Great meters and some dissent shown towards the Umpire.But when u see it on the Whole he is a Good Team Player

Now Guys tell me whom do u pick as your favorite in the WINDIES Stronghold apart from Holding

1.Malcolm Marshall

2.Colin Croft

3.The walsh/Ambrose duo

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The Heads and Tails of Daniel Vettori-Once in a Generation Bowler

Posted by seshdotcom on April 11, 2008

The Audacious VettoriWho is this Guy Daniel!!!:Daniel Vettori one of the greatest left arm Spinners of all time has made an Huge impingement in the recent ICC Rankings which took him and limned him to the World as one of the Greatest ODI Bowler of all time.Apart from his Bowling his Batting is also remarkable he has made some Memorable knocks in the other Part of the Coin which has taken his batting average nearly to 28.He has also got two test centuries to his name and he is also the youngest player to represent New Zealand in Test Cricket.

The Golden arm: You cannot hit Daniel Straight down the ground or Out of the Park whenever You like he is not a Sort of Buffet Bowler to hit Mercilessly he is a versatile bowler who doesn’t spin the ball much like Warne or Murali but the variation in flight has got many batsman baloon the ball in the air,Stumped,Caught and Bowled due to leading edge and Clean bowled.He is a Subtle bowler who likes to bowl in Slog overs where the batsman will be hitting the ball as if possessed by a berserk.

Daniel took the captaincy from the Legend Stephen Fleming in the T20 World cup in South Africa and till then he has done some decent work with respect to captaincy winning some crunch matches such as the T20 World cup match against India

The Bludgeoning Arm:

Coming to his batting he is a useful batsman down the order who can make some Surprise knock at important times one knock which i can say Unforgettable is the one he played in Champions Trophy against Australia he came seven down and scored 83 but that eventually took New Zealand out of a Abject Display and posted a decent score but New Zealand lost the Semi Final.And he has also two test centuries to his name one against Pakistan and another one against Zimbabwe and he had less conversion rate from 50-100 he has got numerous fifties in his Test Career.

And arguably he is one of the Top cricketers in that elite panel now so there is nothing wrong in calling Daniel as a Once in a Generation Bowler

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Inevitable Zaheer among the Wisden’s Top5

Posted by seshdotcom on April 10, 2008

The Unstoppable Zaheer Khan the left arm Indian spearhead has been chosen for the Wisdens award.Three English Cricketers a Carribean and an Indian were chosenConsistent Bell for this covetous award->England’s Ryan Sidebottom,Ian Bell,and Durham County Persevering GibsonPlayer Ottis Gibson who previously represented West Indies along with Shivnarine Chanderpaul were chosen for the esteemed Award.Out of these FIVE four were picked because of their Astounding Performances in the International Stage but Ottis Gibson was named for this award because of his Nonpareil Performances at the county Level for Durham.

Sidebottom who impelled the selectors in the recent Months to make his way to the English Team made a jeez Comeback to the International Arena with Sidebottom rattling the Kiwis Top Order in both One day and Tests was named for the award for his contribution to the English side.For the past few months his bowling has been Immaculate

Chanderpaul’s Inclusion was very obvious because he is the Only head honcho in the West Indian side who has shown some resistance against whatever team West Indies have played in the Past Decade all of them know his record speaks for himself.He Played an Important hand in the 2nd test Against Sri lanka with his Unbeaten 86* along with Sarwan took the West Indies to the Shore and drew the Series 1-1

Zaheer what a bowler he is….Throughout his career he has troubled even the Greats of the game and have made them Surrender to his line and length especially the manner in which he bowled in England especially to Bell,Prior,Cook was Unforgettable and his decent bowling in One day Arena with regular Strikes at Important Occasion earned him this Inclusion to THE HALL OF FAME

Ian Bell The Mr.Consistent ->is one player in last 2 years who has lend a Helping hand and has taken the Pressure at crunch Situations who has made england recover even at a saddest and sorriest of situations was named for his Great Temperament and Equal Attacking Style his Innings against the Kiwis in the Tests has earned him great respect from many in the BARMY ARMY.The beautiful drive he Plays through the Covers is a treat to watch

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LIC Not to support RANBAXY Takeover of Orchid

Posted by seshdotcom on April 10, 2008

LIC the single largest shareholder of OrchidLife Insurance Corporation of India the single largest shareholder of Orchid chemicals has announced that it will not support the RANBAXY Takeover of the Existing Management.Life Insurance Corporation of India which has about 7.8% of the Total shares of Orchid Chemicals admitted that it will not support the Hostile takeover of Orchid by Ranbaxy or Solrex Industries.A warhorse officer in Life Insurance Corporation of India told that “As per our Policy,we will not destabilise any existing management and we will never support Hostile Takeovers”.The other 30% stakes owned by other financial corporation also will play a major role in orchid’s Kismet.Mr.Raghavendra Rao the Architect of Orchid who incurred a heavy loss in a sell-off has welcomed LIC’s Decision and said he started the Company not to sell it to others but to make it a Lynch Pin in Chemical Industry

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Camel sold for 2.72 Million USD!!Pricey Camels

Posted by seshdotcom on April 10, 2008

The Exhorbitant CamelsThe crown Prince of United Arab Emirates has bought a female camel for $2.72 Million which is approximately equal to 1 Billion 76 lac and 64 Thousand.The crown prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashed AlMaktoum bought camels worth 4.49 Million which include the female camel(Described Above).The deal got over in a Camel pageant Organized in United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi.A outrageous amount of Camels are taking part in this Fair(More than 10000 camels)and are vying for prize money of about $9.5 Million

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RIL Industries finds treasure in Yemen

Posted by seshdotcom on April 9, 2008

The Reliance Oil Plant in yemen

The Yemen Buzz:Reliance Syndicate has made a remarkable discovery of Oil in Yemen.(Guess What is Significant with this discovery??????->It is the same Yemen where the Business Lynch pin Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani worked as an attendant in a Petroleum Bunk in Shell Station.The discovery of the Vehicle Elixir was made in Block 9 Qarn Qaymah 2.Now as an Initial step the Company is making a survey of customer interests and according to Reliance it is a incalculable Monetary

Reliance in Yemen:

The RIL has been active in yemen from the year 2001 when it acquired some 25% stakes of the Block 9.And the main competitor to reliance in Yemen has been HOOD OIL Group,Subsidiray of an yemen based group Hayel Saeed Anam Group.The Reliance Industries owned Block 9 produces 10,000 barrels of oil per day which really guys is a very Exhorbitant Amount.

Hike in Reliance Shares:

There is a Huge margin of hike in Reliance share the RIL Shares closed then sensex on 2405.7 Rs on Monday which is an Increase in 6% of the Share value a week back so the Yemen Acquisition will make a Substantial Surge in the RIL share in the market.

So RELIANCE has emerged as one of the Largest Company in terms of Facilities opened,Sectors etc and this Acquisition and Discovery of the vehicle Elixir will surely enter into the Reliance Ind History Books as Indelible..


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Ranbaxy bids for Orchid-Combat lines in Pharmaceutical sector

Posted by seshdotcom on April 8, 2008


                   There is a fuss around the Pharma Industry as a slowcoach acquisition is made on the chennai based Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit THE ORCHID CHEMICALS Karapakkam.A firm called Solrex Pharmaceuticals whcih sources say a Small unit of Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals is all set to acquire some major portion of shares in Orchid chemicals around 10%.In the recent past Ranbaxy has been trying to get an niche in the Southern Market now it tries to achieve it through the Orchid Chemicals Acquisition..

The Orchid Conundrum:

                    Orchid shares were Bludgeoned  without mercy on March 17th when Promoter Holdings of about 7.5% were Sold by Stock dealers who had lent Mr.Kailasham Raghavendra Rao(MAnaging Director and founder of Orchid chemicals)to buy those shares.And Mr.Raghavendra Rao Lost some 75 Cr Rupees in the Selloff-( in  Business terminology is Selling of large quantity of shares for a low price which is typically done in a Motto of disposing them)And due to this the share lost 40% of its value one month back but now it has some how it has recovered from the Clobbering

                          Orchid chemicals employs some 3700 people out of which 600 are scientists and applied scientists.

Ranbaxy Confident:

               The Ranbaxy group solrex is confident with the Orchid deal eventhough Mr.Rao is taking all possible steps to bilk the Ranbaxy’s Bid.

Orchid Chemicals is one among the Top 15 Pharmaceutical Companies in India for almost a Decade and mainly its products were Exported to other countries and its Growth has been Prolific in last 5 years   

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Mahakavi barathy->The bellicose young poet

Posted by seshdotcom on April 7, 2008

The fighting Poet Prelude: Bharathy what a poet he is?????He is one of the Grooviest Poet that India has ever seen….He was an abreast Scholar and he showed his talent to the World in both Prose and poetic form by writing many short stories and Some Graceful Poems which made the English angry and supplied an Quencher to Tamil people who were Subjugated by the British empire.And albeit he was a Brahman he treated the people of other castes with equal respect. One of his poem throws Light on this particular Subject SAADHIGAL ELLAYADI PAAPA(There is Nothing called Religion and God is Only one)..

Early Life: Born to Chinnasami Subramanya Iyer and Lakshmi Ammal in a Village called Ettayapuram he had a great interest in Music and he at his very young age of 11 got appreciation from very great Scholars of his time and it was here he Acquired the title Barathi(Goddess of Learning:Saraswathi).He got married at a very young age of 14 and after some years he left the village and continued his education at the Benares University Role in Freedom Struggle: In the Indian independence movement in south India Mahakavi Barathy Played an Important role he Wrote many captions and arranged many Rallies,And he Underwent UNNAVIRADHAM(Fasting) which obviously made the English Angry and they launched many attacks on Barathy and his troops which resulted in Vain.Barathy also realized that Only through the Pen we can Censure the English to the core he Joined Swadesha mitran as an assistant editor and later he started his own Daily Known as Bala Baratham.Barathy was one amongst the great leaders who attended the Surat Congress Session in 1907

Poetic Endowment and works:

ஆயிரம் உண்டிங்கு சாதி, எனில் அன்னியர் வந்து புகலென்ன நீதி!

We may have different or say number of Religions but in no way it should allow/Justify a Foreign reconnoitering
விடுதலை! விடுதலை! விடுதலை! பறைய ருக்கும் இங்கு தீயர் புலைய ருக்கும் விடுதலை பரவ ரோடு குறவருக்கும் மறவ ருக்கும் விடுதலை! திறமை கொண்டதீமை யற்ற தொழில் புரங்ந்து யாவரும் தேர்ந்த கல்வி ஞானம் எய்தி வாழ்வம் இந்த நாட்டிலே
When u spell the word Barat u will lose fear,We will make this India a great country we will make weapons,Produce good paper,we will never rest,And we will excel in all the fields.
The heartbreaking captions and Poems like this delineated Barathy a Great Poet with immense Strength and Good heart.
The Greatman’s nebulous Sleep:
Throughout his life he helped the Poor and he was severely suffered from impoverishment and his health was badly affected by Imprisonments and the one day a temple elephant which he used to feed regularly Struck him severely and he died.
Barathy may have completed his human life in earth but his poetic life is still continued by his successors and barathi fans who have been faithful to Tamil and Tamil Grammar.

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TOoth revitalization…Amazing isn’t it????

Posted by seshdotcom on April 7, 2008

For ,many years dentists and researchers of various parts of the world had only one solution to decayed teeth (they could only repair they couldn’t bring the old appearance) that is to fill it with ceramic,Gold or silver.But now the trend has changed in a new research the scientists have found out that it is possible to regenerate teeth if the tooth decay is cought early(In the sense if it is diagnosed at an earlier stage..

How do they achieve regeneration????

The teeth is mainly made up of four important minerals Tooth enamel, cementum,pulp and Dentin.Now what happens is this Bacteria which gets produced naturally and intake of synthetic soft drinks produce some Strong acids which makes the Enamel de-mineralised and absorbs some 96% of minerals.Now what to do???? The panacea the scientists of University of California have found is:They have mainly focused on growing dentin with help of calcium solution of Electrically charged particles which are called ions.This new medical technique is under research and may get into the Public in few days till then it is Your duty to take care of your teeth and make it look lustrous

How to prevent tooth decay:

The scientists of california have also found out that Brushing teeth with stubs of Neem Trees makes your teeth live longer because of the anti-bacterial effect the neem stick has this type of Brushing teeth is often seen in the outskirts which make the teeth sturdy so as to even crush a diamond….

So Brush your teeth with neem stubs(Sorry but it would not be pleasing to the sense of taste I tried this today)

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Impelled kremikovtzi in dire straits

Posted by seshdotcom on April 7, 2008

Kremikovtzi at dawn Kremikovtzi is the Largest metalworking company in Bulgaria.In 1999 71% of company’s share was Bought by Daru Metals an Industrial Group in Bulgaria and later its name was changed to Finmetals Holdings and in 2005 100% of the Kremikovtzi’s share was sold to GSHL->Global Steel Holdings Limited owned by Mr.Pramod Mittal brother of Steel Tycoon Mr.Lakshmi Mittal.Mr.Pramod Mittal did several developments and renovated the comapny and in an interest to reach the Pinnacle conducted various investment Program to increase the quality and somehow attract the Public so that they invest in thier Company.

Products manufactured:Cast Iron,

Under what sort of Pressure is Kremikovtzi:

The investors and capitalists of the Kremikovtzi are demandaing for Quittance because the company defaulted in one of the annual Payments related to the Kremikovtzi’s 508 USD Bond.Now the situation is so bad that the company could not pay its workers.The Government of Bulgaria said that it would co-operate with anyone who would own 50% of the company’s Bond.The Huge debt which it has got to pay to the Creditors has put the Pressure on company’s Cash Flow.

Is Lakshmi Mittal a Contender to Kremikovtzi:

Reports say that LN Mittal brother of the Pramod Mittal is a strong contender who is competing with Mr.Zhevago and is waiting to reach an deal and he has put a Question Mark on many of the minds by accumulating bonds of the company from the market for which the Bulgarian Government has alos expressed Interest by saying” it would co-operate with anyone who would own 50% of the company’s Bond

In one of the interview to an daily Mr.Pramod Mittal said that “We are looking for an Strategic investor who can certainly turn around the things we don’t want to comment more on this subject

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