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Telling “Thor” is he the Greatest of Norse Gods???????

Posted by seshdotcom on April 1, 2008


Thor the Teutonic god is Portrayed to be the Most Powerful of the Norse Gods “God of Thunder”/”God of Rains” and he is also called DONAR which is the term associated with Thunderbolt and Rains.He is often said to have red-hair and beard.Thor is believed to be the Son of Odin and Jörd(The goddess earth) he had a son Magni and daughter Thrud.And he is said to be the most fierceful man in the Battle field during the Ragnarok and he slayed the Giants in million and it was explained as “THORING NO MERCY”

Efficacious Hammer:


                                                     The lining shown above gives you the Structure of Thors Hammer in different Scandy beliefs. Thor is widely known for the hammer( Mjollnir ) which he has in his right hand and it is said that the life of thor lies inside that hammer he has got and once in abattle against the Giants one of the Giants disturbed the hammer’s Assembly which brought a little blood on thor’s ear.The Audacious Thor is said to have a Very good Aim he hits the target 99/100 times at rare occasion he misses like the incident which happened with the Giant.Mjolnir in Scands means Crusher because of the demolition it does to an Target

Spousal life:

His wife’s name is Sif(I would like to narrate in detail about Sif in my next Post)who is widely known for her GOLDEN HAIR and Thor the Muscular God of Norse Myth is said to still exist in the Deep woods of Germany where a Loud roar takes Place by the time any destructive incident takes Place

4 Responses to “Telling “Thor” is he the Greatest of Norse Gods???????”

  1. Sy Novak said


    Great image! Do you own it? Is it copyrighted?

    Let me know!

    Thank you!

    Best, Sy

  2. seshdotcom said

    No I don’t own it Novak..So how was the Post..I like this image very much

  3. seshdotcom said

    So Novak do you have any Weblgo sort of thing???

  4. Sonofsamson said

    I don’t like the image. It’s just a gayer image of Marvel’s Thor. The Thor of mythology had long red hair and a wild red beard. He wouldn’t be prancing around in a loin cloth. He’d probably be dressed like a viking, perhaps with ring mail or scale mail. He was described as a huge man, not as a tanned bodybuilder who shaves his body. Thor should be powerful looking, but not ripped. Thor was a gluten of life. He ate too much, he drank too much, he fought too much, and he had sex too much (Sif wasn’t his only wife). I don’t see Thor with 6 pack abs. Rather, I see him looking like the average super heavyweight weight lifter- powerful looking, but lacking definition. He probably has a bit of a gut. Thor’s hammer was so heavy that only he could lift it, and that’s with the aid of a belt of strength. The hammer should thus at least look heavy, not something you’d buy at Home Depot for construction work.

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