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Shining YAHOO Wooing on Women with its Shine

Posted by seshdotcom on April 2, 2008

yahoo-shine-screenshot.jpg On Monday March 31st Yahoo set up a site which mainly focusses and on Women and this Site was named as Shine which Mainly focalizes on Subjects like love,Money,Parenting the website is Internetworking innovator Believes that this site will be visited to almost 40 Meg Women who are through the ages 25 and 54..

How Stuff Works!!!!

Shine approaches you in such a way your Close firend Approaches and it gives simple Motifs which Solves some huge problems in your Life this may also be considered to be like a Rehab camp for persons who are mentally depressed and insane person.

Entertainment and Lifestyle articles are aslo supplied by shine to women by Conde Nast Publications and Hearst Corporation(Leading Media Firms in US)

In what way this benefits yahoo???

Already Yahoo has about 130 Million visitors around U.S ->Goodness me 130 Million is a Great strength and Hopefully when it launches full fledged Shine thier Visitors would Double this in turn would setup thier Hits/Points in the W3 consortium to the Highest level and Will obviously increase the Demand and the value in Commercial market…Mr.Scott More said that “We’re executing on Yahoo’s starting point strategy by ensuring that women who start their day with Yahoo are offered a more relevant experience”–(


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