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COCONUT-The Elixir!!!The Flora Doctor

Posted by seshdotcom on April 3, 2008

                             coconut_oil.jpgWith all the infamy cast against it,there was nothing to Prove that coconut oil causes  coronary heart diseases.All the records submitted against coconut oil were purely based on grounds of Animal Testing that has been without supplementary supply of fats and  substantial(PUFA)->Polyunsaturated fatty acid.The human centre for Controlling of diseases->Epidemiologic center has given Strong evidence which has Proven to many that Coconut oil is Safe for humans and is considered as a BOON TO MANKIND

Some of the lineaments of Coconut:

*It serves as an ideal pillar for Mouth-Watering recipes a Good Example is “Thenga Laadu” which is a solid sweet form obtained by help of mixing Cardamom Powder which is added after heating dessicated coconut in a Frying Pan

*It has high anti-microbial  and healing powers which can do wonders to your skin which makes you look Young 20 or 22 even at 45

How does Coconut achieve these mighty Powers???

This is by Lauric acid which fights against Diseases and makes you a Disease free man even infants have these Unique Power of making lauric acid a disease fighting medicine->how?????-this is from mothers milk they convert the lauric acid they get from mother to Monolaurin which serves babies and protect them against Viral,bacterial or Protozoal Infections

Quondam Medication techniques:                  The coconut can also be used for Insect Stings,Dandruff etcetra.,when u apply heated coconut oil with cumin seeds gives a great relief to prolonged Cold and running nose and Coconut oil in olden days were used for taking out the venom from a severe sanke bite also

Now Guys u say why not coconut be considered to be a “Flora Doctor”???

3 Responses to “COCONUT-The Elixir!!!The Flora Doctor”

  1. Vinod said

    Change the template da. This one is not looking good.

  2. Vinod said

    This template looks good da.

  3. Aravindhan Selvaraj said

    Good health tips dude, sure a good remedy for dandruff!!!!

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