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TOoth revitalization…Amazing isn’t it????

Posted by seshdotcom on April 7, 2008

For ,many years dentists and researchers of various parts of the world had only one solution to decayed teeth (they could only repair they couldn’t bring the old appearance) that is to fill it with ceramic,Gold or silver.But now the trend has changed in a new research the scientists have found out that it is possible to regenerate teeth if the tooth decay is cought early(In the sense if it is diagnosed at an earlier stage..

How do they achieve regeneration????

The teeth is mainly made up of four important minerals Tooth enamel, cementum,pulp and Dentin.Now what happens is this Bacteria which gets produced naturally and intake of synthetic soft drinks produce some Strong acids which makes the Enamel de-mineralised and absorbs some 96% of minerals.Now what to do???? The panacea the scientists of University of California have found is:They have mainly focused on growing dentin with help of calcium solution of Electrically charged particles which are called ions.This new medical technique is under research and may get into the Public in few days till then it is Your duty to take care of your teeth and make it look lustrous

How to prevent tooth decay:

The scientists of california have also found out that Brushing teeth with stubs of Neem Trees makes your teeth live longer because of the anti-bacterial effect the neem stick has this type of Brushing teeth is often seen in the outskirts which make the teeth sturdy so as to even crush a diamond….

So Brush your teeth with neem stubs(Sorry but it would not be pleasing to the sense of taste I tried this today)

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