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The Greatest Over in Test History-The surmount of Fast Bowling

Posted by seshdotcom on April 12, 2008

Prologue: Many of them know Michael Holding for his very Distinct Accent but there is something more the WORLD WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT HIM.He is one of the Greatest bowler West Indies have Produced and He is one the fastest bowlers in the world who has made the Timber disappearing very often and has given nightmares to many batsman.Also called as Jamaican Express and Whispering Death->This is because of his slow coach approach to the Bowling Crease which makes many batsman Dizzy and distract.

Early days: In his Early days Holding was a Sprinter and a Natural athlete with a Supple Body who was basically running as an Middle Distance Runner and He Gradually learnt his bowling as days passed by with the Tape Ball and by Playing Beach cricket with some Breathtaking Performances and eventually he got selected in the West Indies Cricket Team and he soon established himself to be the Frontrunner and Backbone of the Windies Bowling with the Garners,Clarkes,Sylvesters and The Marshalls.

The Greatest Over ever Bowled in the History of Test Cricket: In 1981 Geoffrey Boycott took stands to Michael Holdings 2nd over and Holding with his Natural Action Bowled some Buzzing deliveries which stunned Boycott and Some them Whistled past the Outside Edge and Holding Increased the Pace as each and every deliveries were Bowled and Mr.Boycott was able to survive only for 5 balls the 6th ball saw Boycotts Timber Uprooted with an Decisive Delivery…This was Quoted as Wisden as the GREATEST OVER BOWLED IN TEST HISTORY

Strong footer HlodingThe Holding High Kicker:Apart from his great bowling Michael Holding was also notable for some of his Notorious events like kicking the Sticks in Agony that his appeal was turned down in a Match Against New Zealand which took the Timber some Great meters and some dissent shown towards the Umpire.But when u see it on the Whole he is a Good Team Player

Now Guys tell me whom do u pick as your favorite in the WINDIES Stronghold apart from Holding

1.Malcolm Marshall

2.Colin Croft

3.The walsh/Ambrose duo

6 Responses to “The Greatest Over in Test History-The surmount of Fast Bowling”

  1. Aravindhan Selvaraj said

    My fav one from the carribean is lara very cool and composed!!!!all time favourite!!!

  2. harish said

    i would always go with Sarwan and chandrapaul

  3. Vinod said

    Lara ruled man! He was the greatest but not like THE WALL 😀

  4. Sundar said

    Malcolm Marshall.

  5. Sundar said

    Machi ur blog is gr8 da

  6. vinod said

    Blog is excellent dude! Keep up the good work da.

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