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Salary Cut for Sumo Wrestler

Posted by seshdotcom on May 31, 2008

CUTLERY FURY EARNS SALARY CUT: A veteran sumo wrestler who attacked a Junior Matman with a Cooking Instrument has been ordered to take a salary cut for his violent Outburst..TOYOZAKURA,whose assault left the victim bleeding and needing eight stiches,will take 30% pay cut for three Months,This was confirmed by Japanese Sumo Officials..The Same Punishment was also given to a GYMNASIUM Chief Magaki for beating a Junior Wrestler with Bamboo Sword

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Decision on Fuel Price Hike by this Saturday!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on May 30, 2008

The Fuel Price speculation in the Country went on even as Crude Oil Prices held firm at around $130 a Barrel(42 Gallons)..Mr.Manmohan Singh has now stepped to take a final call on Price hike after the respective ministers have failed to take necessary steps Mr.Manmohan himself enters the Party…The P.M held two rounds of meetings with lynchpins like Chidambaram,Pranab Mukherjee after the brief discussion Mr.Manmohan however would consider the fact that Already there was a Abject defeat in the state elections in Karnataka so most probably i think there would not be a steep increase eventhough there would be a Hike…

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Antivenin/Antivenom-A Elixir How is it Prepared?????

Posted by seshdotcom on May 29, 2008

ANTIVENIN THE ELIXIR In olden days there were no proper panacea to a Snake bite inflicted person they used to have many techniques to take out the venom.But none of these things were proven to be scientifically effective to cure the sting and then the God made Humans think and gave a figment that why not take the same venom of a snake and why can’t we take some antibodies and prepare a Medicine?????And we can also say ANTIVENIN(VENIN in french means Venom)or ANTIVENOM is a BRAINCHILD of Louis Pasteur-?Whose vaccine principle was effectively used the main difference is in Antivenom Treatment is it is Injected into a Body of a host animal and the hyperimmunized serum is then Injected into the Body of the Patient.The first Antivenom was prepared in the year 1895 to treat people who are bitten by the SPECTACLE COBRA.


It is Prepared by injecting a small amount of venom into animals like sheep,goat,horse etc.,and when it is injected the animal’s body will produce antibodies against the venom and this can be taken from the animal’s body(This is called Antivenom)and can be used to treat people affected by the sting.But the thing is only if you catch some 15-20 snakes you can get some mg of Antivenom Substrate.

Antivenom can also be prepared from others like SPIDERS,Box jellyfish,Stonefish etc.,

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ORPAT to manufacture mobile handsets

Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

Orpat pulls a rabbit out of hat The Gujarat Based Telecom group called ORPAT has announced its interest in manufacturing the Mobile Handsets.ORPAT is the World’s largest manufacturer of Wall Clocks,is now making a impact in the Mobile sector with its low cost Multimedia Handsets which has primary targets on RURAL areas and it is expected to produce some 2m units by the end of this year…As a first step to this ORPAT has decided to set up a Manufacturing Unit in Morbi,Gujarat by 2009…Ortpat has 80 exclusive Showrooms and more than 50,000 retail outlets,which will act as a leverage for selling Mobiles…Orpat is one of the leading supplier of Calculator,timepieces etc in the Rural parts of India and now it has entered into Mobile Sector will ORPAT’S GAMBLE PAY OFF?????

We will get the answer in next 6-7 months

Till then this is sesha signing Off

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Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

TESCO COMES TO PRODUCTIVE INDIA TESCO(Public limited company) is a British based Public store and it mainly concentrated on selling of food products but later it Branched out into areas like clothing,electronics etc.,Now the Important thing is TESCO is going to come to India

TESCO tattles with the Wadias:

TESCO is in Talks with prospective Indian partners for a Joint Venture to roll out its cash and carry outlets and facilities..TESCO has approached the WADIAS and PARSVNATH Developers to start out a the TESCO outlets in various parts in India.The main slogan of TESCO has been Every little helps so hopefully if this deal clicks then it would make a Huge Impact in the TESCO Shares in the International Market.When asked about this to PARSVNATH Developers Chairman he said:We are in talks with global retailers and we hope to finalise our deal in next 2-4 weeks..

Notable among this deal is TESCO is having a Prolific Growth in this sector next to Wal-Mart.The evidence was Acquisition of Metro AG a German Retail chain and now a figment to come to India->

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The Pelted and Debauched-The Black Mamba

Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

The Black MambaThe Black Mamba is said to be one of the Fastest snake in the world its reaction time is not more than some Fractions of a Second..It is also a deadliest venomous snake more commonly found in the African Terrain..Where are the Mambas Found commonly->Black mambas live more commonly in the grasslands of Africa. Because of the Black coloration inside the Mouth it is called as Black Mamba and the Principal weapon of this Arboreal Snake is it kills the Victim by Surprise its Lightning Quick Strike can kill an Elephant in 10-15 Minutes and a Human in 20 minutes(if Proper Antivenin and First Aid is not Supplied to the Inflicted Person)..It now puts a Question Mark in the minds of the Herpetologists and Snake researchers how does Mamba Achieve this Speed.*Does it have any supernatural Brain?????…A single bite of Black Mamba delivers 100-120 mg of venom.In striking Position the mamba flattens its neck, boos very loudly and displays its inky black mouth and deadly fangs

Auxology and Mamba Meals:The Snake can vary from 10ft to 14ft long…And like all snakes Mamba’s favourite Meals include Squirrels,Rats,Birds…How does it feed on these???->It first gives a Lethal Blow and Paralyzes the victim The neurotoxins and cardiotoxins in the Mamba venom makes the Prey Unconscious and then the Mamba swallows it slowly.They are generally Diurnal Snake 90 % they Hunt during the Daytime..It can Cover upto 12 miles in an Hour by its fast Motion…


Thanks WIKI

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Jet Airways With Bluemagic->Reliance

Posted by seshdotcom on May 27, 2008

JET with BLUEMAGICReliance Bluemagic is in talks with Jet Airways to offer its DTH Service on Planes.Till now only Kingfisher Airlines is the only Indian Airline that is offering live feed of 16 channels to its Passengers in a Joint Venture with DISH TV.According to sources RCom’s DTH Service is likely to replace the company’s in-flight entertainment system Jetscreen,which offers only pre-recorded content.

Reliance Bluemagic is likely to kick off by June-end.And it has already placed Order of about 5 Million Set-Top Boxes with its venders.The Company is Also in Talks with several LCD and Television Manufacturers to offer Bundled Services…The DTH Company has Decided to Import all these set-top Boxes by June and start the Proceedings by July

Hey Guys Njoy Reliance Bluemagic in your Jet Airways Coming up SHortly

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The Copperheads-Venomous Pit Vipers

Posted by seshdotcom on May 26, 2008

The Copperheads(AKA:Death Adder)are one of the venomous pit vipers Snakes found generally in the coniferous forests of the North America.They are generally found in water or very rarely in arroyos(Deep ditch cut by running water).They Generally feed on Rats,Rabbits,and Rodents.These snakes are less Aggressive and they generally do not attack Humans they only attack when a Physical Contact is made.They prefer to more on Hard surfaces they avoid moving in slippery surfaces.They are one the most attractive snake in the Snakes Archive.The death adder is a Cannibalistic Snake which dare to eat another death Adder this was experimentally proved by Herpetologists by having a dead snake and a live one.

Although they are venomous their bite are almost never fatal.The symptoms include swelling,pain,vomiting etc.,They Generally attack the Bone and Muscle section.Like all the other snakes the Copperhead is an Ambush Predator it takes a Position and waits for the Prey to come and then strikes it violently.They are nocturnal during the Hot Summer Months and Diurnal during the Spring season SOURCE:WIKIThe Death Adder

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Pakistan’s Obscure Hero–Tauseef Ahmed

Posted by seshdotcom on May 25, 2008

Hey guys i am back to world of weblog and i would like to say something about this guy Tauseef a Hardworking Off-spinner he played Cricket for Pakistan when Many of the Greats like the Quadirs the Quasims played for Pakistan.He was born in Sind Karachi and a very Subtle Bowler who rips through his Fast Off spinner time and again to confuse the batsman and his dizzy approach to the popping crease makes many batsman Bedeviled.

The Unveiling of the Urn called Tauseef:

Tauseef was picked suddenly when he was Playing Club cricket for Karachi and he was straightaway Put into display against the Mighty Aussies in his Stronghold- Karachi.And there he proved that he was capable of something by getting the wickets of Rodney Marsh and Yallop by some of his howling deliveries-This was the day a Urn with full of Gem Called Tauseef Ahmed was found-isn’t he a treasure?.His One day career also started with a Blitz where he Removed the Sri Lankan Captain Mendis by spinning around his legs.And while he was playing gradually his average also rose and at one stage he super Imposed the Great Qadir.But injury ridden career put an end to this Great performer..

Now Guys whom do you think as the Greatest spinner Pakistan has ever Produced???



C)Mushtaq Ahmed

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The Raja of”RAJA”Kilpakkam-The Brawny Thenu Puriswarar

Posted by seshdotcom on May 24, 2008

 I would like to explain the History of a temple in Madambakkam->It is called as Dhenupurishwarar Temple and the Main God here is Lord Shiva in SVAYAMBU VADIVAM->isn’t it Great???..


Actually the Madambakkam and the Adjoining areas were under the control of the Chola King and the Majority of the People were The Yadhavas->One who look after and control the Cows.It happened that one day it was seen by one of the Yadhava that a Cow was pouring Milk into a Well and this went on for some days One day on seeing this The Yadhava became angry and he clobbered the Pasu(Feminine for a Cow)and even after getting Reapeated Hitting the cow didn’t move it went on Pouring the Milk into the Well Ther Angry Yadhava Hit the Cow reapeatedly but suddenly a Weird thing happened that a Blood River was seen inside the Well while hitting the cow(Note this the Cow didn’t get even a Slightest of Injury) and After this a Svayambu A Small Protruding was seen from the Ground and the Yadhava saw the bleeding from the Head of that Swayambu and seeing this he ran and called all the People in the village..After this particular Incident it was said that LORD SHIVA came in the Dreams of Raja kulothunga Chola and told him to make a Alayam for him and told that he is in SVAYAMBU Vadivam inside the Well->Amazing isn’t it???..Later it was revealed that the cow was none other than a Sage who got a Curse from Lord Shiva and he was Born as a Cow to Wash away his sin in this way…

And there is also a Altar for Dhenukambal(Parvathy devi)over here

Just Now the Brahmotsavam got completed after 100 Years->Blokes this Temple is really something you ahve to Visit

For me this temple is everything One the Most Powerful Temples i have ever Visited->LORD SHIVA THE GREAT

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