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Neem-The Universal Alkahest

Posted by seshdotcom on May 22, 2008

Prologue:Neem Stubs are said to have huge Medicinal Value especially because of the antigens they have by nature so Arya Vaidyam( Ayurvedic medicine )and Naatu Vaidyam(Usually done in countryside) always insisted the Use of Neem Stubs in all the Medicines they Prepare.

Auxology:The Neem is a family of Mahogany trees which can grow and Attain Maximum height of about 40-45 Metres.And its branches can extend over a large area and it is also said to purify the Soil it grows.Whatever seeds you Plant by the side of that Tree is said to have a prolific Growth says an Horticultural Expert from Maharashtra.

As I said in my previous post in the Medicinal stuff the neem stubs can also be used for effective brushing of teeth which makes your teeth Sheeny and glossy.Almost all toothpaste in the market will atleast have some 25% of neem Flavor.

The DIVINE NEEM:The Divine neem is said to have some some Divine Power that is said to cure even the Complex diseases in India they used to cover the Patients affected by the Chickenpox with Neem Leaves it surely has some divine power so it protects the Patient from Evil Stuffs getting near.

It has also some anti-desertification properties which has its application in wide range of Areas.

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