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The Raja of”RAJA”Kilpakkam-The Brawny Thenu Puriswarar

Posted by seshdotcom on May 24, 2008

 I would like to explain the History of a temple in Madambakkam->It is called as Dhenupurishwarar Temple and the Main God here is Lord Shiva in SVAYAMBU VADIVAM->isn’t it Great???..


Actually the Madambakkam and the Adjoining areas were under the control of the Chola King and the Majority of the People were The Yadhavas->One who look after and control the Cows.It happened that one day it was seen by one of the Yadhava that a Cow was pouring Milk into a Well and this went on for some days One day on seeing this The Yadhava became angry and he clobbered the Pasu(Feminine for a Cow)and even after getting Reapeated Hitting the cow didn’t move it went on Pouring the Milk into the Well Ther Angry Yadhava Hit the Cow reapeatedly but suddenly a Weird thing happened that a Blood River was seen inside the Well while hitting the cow(Note this the Cow didn’t get even a Slightest of Injury) and After this a Svayambu A Small Protruding was seen from the Ground and the Yadhava saw the bleeding from the Head of that Swayambu and seeing this he ran and called all the People in the village..After this particular Incident it was said that LORD SHIVA came in the Dreams of Raja kulothunga Chola and told him to make a Alayam for him and told that he is in SVAYAMBU Vadivam inside the Well->Amazing isn’t it???..Later it was revealed that the cow was none other than a Sage who got a Curse from Lord Shiva and he was Born as a Cow to Wash away his sin in this way…

And there is also a Altar for Dhenukambal(Parvathy devi)over here

Just Now the Brahmotsavam got completed after 100 Years->Blokes this Temple is really something you ahve to Visit

For me this temple is everything One the Most Powerful Temples i have ever Visited->LORD SHIVA THE GREAT

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