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Pakistan’s Obscure Hero–Tauseef Ahmed

Posted by seshdotcom on May 25, 2008

Hey guys i am back to world of weblog and i would like to say something about this guy Tauseef a Hardworking Off-spinner he played Cricket for Pakistan when Many of the Greats like the Quadirs the Quasims played for Pakistan.He was born in Sind Karachi and a very Subtle Bowler who rips through his Fast Off spinner time and again to confuse the batsman and his dizzy approach to the popping crease makes many batsman Bedeviled.

The Unveiling of the Urn called Tauseef:

Tauseef was picked suddenly when he was Playing Club cricket for Karachi and he was straightaway Put into display against the Mighty Aussies in his Stronghold- Karachi.And there he proved that he was capable of something by getting the wickets of Rodney Marsh and Yallop by some of his howling deliveries-This was the day a Urn with full of Gem Called Tauseef Ahmed was found-isn’t he a treasure?.His One day career also started with a Blitz where he Removed the Sri Lankan Captain Mendis by spinning around his legs.And while he was playing gradually his average also rose and at one stage he super Imposed the Great Qadir.But injury ridden career put an end to this Great performer..

Now Guys whom do you think as the Greatest spinner Pakistan has ever Produced???



C)Mushtaq Ahmed

2 Responses to “Pakistan’s Obscure Hero–Tauseef Ahmed”

  1. Sundar said

    In my opinion Saqlain da. Solli solli edupaan da.

  2. seshdotcom said

    Saqlain is good da but i think Mushtaq is More Lethal da what u say

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