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ORPAT to manufacture mobile handsets

Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

Orpat pulls a rabbit out of hat The Gujarat Based Telecom group called ORPAT has announced its interest in manufacturing the Mobile Handsets.ORPAT is the World’s largest manufacturer of Wall Clocks,is now making a impact in the Mobile sector with its low cost Multimedia Handsets which has primary targets on RURAL areas and it is expected to produce some 2m units by the end of this year…As a first step to this ORPAT has decided to set up a Manufacturing Unit in Morbi,Gujarat by 2009…Ortpat has 80 exclusive Showrooms and more than 50,000 retail outlets,which will act as a leverage for selling Mobiles…Orpat is one of the leading supplier of Calculator,timepieces etc in the Rural parts of India and now it has entered into Mobile Sector will ORPAT’S GAMBLE PAY OFF?????

We will get the answer in next 6-7 months

Till then this is sesha signing Off

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Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

TESCO COMES TO PRODUCTIVE INDIA TESCO(Public limited company) is a British based Public store and it mainly concentrated on selling of food products but later it Branched out into areas like clothing,electronics etc.,Now the Important thing is TESCO is going to come to India

TESCO tattles with the Wadias:

TESCO is in Talks with prospective Indian partners for a Joint Venture to roll out its cash and carry outlets and facilities..TESCO has approached the WADIAS and PARSVNATH Developers to start out a the TESCO outlets in various parts in India.The main slogan of TESCO has been Every little helps so hopefully if this deal clicks then it would make a Huge Impact in the TESCO Shares in the International Market.When asked about this to PARSVNATH Developers Chairman he said:We are in talks with global retailers and we hope to finalise our deal in next 2-4 weeks..

Notable among this deal is TESCO is having a Prolific Growth in this sector next to Wal-Mart.The evidence was Acquisition of Metro AG a German Retail chain and now a figment to come to India->

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The Pelted and Debauched-The Black Mamba

Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

The Black MambaThe Black Mamba is said to be one of the Fastest snake in the world its reaction time is not more than some Fractions of a Second..It is also a deadliest venomous snake more commonly found in the African Terrain..Where are the Mambas Found commonly->Black mambas live more commonly in the grasslands of Africa. Because of the Black coloration inside the Mouth it is called as Black Mamba and the Principal weapon of this Arboreal Snake is it kills the Victim by Surprise its Lightning Quick Strike can kill an Elephant in 10-15 Minutes and a Human in 20 minutes(if Proper Antivenin and First Aid is not Supplied to the Inflicted Person)..It now puts a Question Mark in the minds of the Herpetologists and Snake researchers how does Mamba Achieve this Speed.*Does it have any supernatural Brain?????…A single bite of Black Mamba delivers 100-120 mg of venom.In striking Position the mamba flattens its neck, boos very loudly and displays its inky black mouth and deadly fangs

Auxology and Mamba Meals:The Snake can vary from 10ft to 14ft long…And like all snakes Mamba’s favourite Meals include Squirrels,Rats,Birds…How does it feed on these???->It first gives a Lethal Blow and Paralyzes the victim The neurotoxins and cardiotoxins in the Mamba venom makes the Prey Unconscious and then the Mamba swallows it slowly.They are generally Diurnal Snake 90 % they Hunt during the Daytime..It can Cover upto 12 miles in an Hour by its fast Motion…


Thanks WIKI

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