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ORPAT to manufacture mobile handsets

Posted by seshdotcom on May 28, 2008

Orpat pulls a rabbit out of hat The Gujarat Based Telecom group called ORPAT has announced its interest in manufacturing the Mobile Handsets.ORPAT is the World’s largest manufacturer of Wall Clocks,is now making a impact in the Mobile sector with its low cost Multimedia Handsets which has primary targets on RURAL areas and it is expected to produce some 2m units by the end of this year…As a first step to this ORPAT has decided to set up a Manufacturing Unit in Morbi,Gujarat by 2009…Ortpat has 80 exclusive Showrooms and more than 50,000 retail outlets,which will act as a leverage for selling Mobiles…Orpat is one of the leading supplier of Calculator,timepieces etc in the Rural parts of India and now it has entered into Mobile Sector will ORPAT’S GAMBLE PAY OFF?????

We will get the answer in next 6-7 months

Till then this is sesha signing Off

One Response to “ORPAT to manufacture mobile handsets”

  1. we always use LED digital wall clocks at home because they have very readable characters ‘

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