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Decision on Fuel Price Hike by this Saturday!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on May 30, 2008

The Fuel Price speculation in the Country went on even as Crude Oil Prices held firm at around $130 a Barrel(42 Gallons)..Mr.Manmohan Singh has now stepped to take a final call on Price hike after the respective ministers have failed to take necessary steps Mr.Manmohan himself enters the Party…The P.M held two rounds of meetings with lynchpins like Chidambaram,Pranab Mukherjee after the brief discussion Mr.Manmohan however would consider the fact that Already there was a Abject defeat in the state elections in Karnataka so most probably i think there would not be a steep increase eventhough there would be a Hike…


2 Responses to “Decision on Fuel Price Hike by this Saturday!!!”

  1. Ban Mido said

    5 rupees hike is too much da…

  2. seshdotcom said

    Yeah da these people are not much concerned about the people in Poverty line da They used to have a Luxurious life Mounting Pressure on Us

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