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Zombie Attack makes Communication Quadriplegic

Posted by seshdotcom on June 26, 2008

EMAIL and the Secured Commmunications were interrupted(in Marshall Islands)and the Organizations in thatĀ  Particular Zone where affected->Because of a Zombie computer attack that was launched by the Hackers in Marshall Islands(Micronesian island nation)on Tuesday(early morning)the Hackers used computers taken over by the Viruses to flood the ISP->Internet Service Provider with Spam e-mails(You can also consider this one similar to Replay attacks sending Bulk Packets of Information and making the Server Overwhelming with Information and it crashes when it reaches out of Bounds)and it was estimated that some 55,000 People were affected by this attack..And after 18 Hours also the attack was not resolved and no one were able to come with a Solution..And the Govt.Owned Telecommunications Industry NTA->National Telecommunications Authority was hit with a sudden Quadruplex increase in the Incoming Mail,Which was later explained by the Technological Experts as “Zombie Computers”.While NTA customers could send and receive emails to each other through the local system,virtually non-NTA emails had been received since Monday;impacting local businesses,banks and Govt.Officers

Thanks to Techno core

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Man Arrested for Drunken Wheel Chair driving

Posted by seshdotcom on June 25, 2008

An Australian Man has been arrested with charges related to drunken Wheel Chair Driving and he was arrested when the Officials found that he is driving his Motorised Wheel Chair while he is in a Excited State..The Motorists were forced to drive around hte 64-Year Old man after it was found that he Lacked Sensation in a Exit Lane in Queensland’s Famous Captain Cook Highway and the Man in the Unconscious state was taken and a First Aid was given after performing a breathalyzer test to Calculate the Amount of Chemical Intake and the Officials and the COPs say that the fine would extend Upto 2 Months Jail and 500 Australian Dollars as a penalty..

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Pista House Rocks!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 22, 2008

Hello i would like to tell you about a favourite dish called “HALEEM” and it is manufactured by the Pista House group in Hyderabad..The city of Hyderabad has got many Striking features but when it comes to Food and Snacks nothing can lay over Hyderabadi Haleem..The Hyderabadi haleem has made a Exhorbitant sales in the Last few Years in Hyderabad Once can also say the thing which made Hyderabad Special is the Tasty Haleem which are Ordered and consumed by the foreign palates..The High Calorie dish is Huge draw among among NRI’s in the Middle East and Several other countries with a Huge Muslim Population…Haleem is a Semi-Hot Liquid made up of Wheat,Meat,Lentils and Spices and sources say that it can be also done without meat->Called as Veg Haleem and it costs 320 INR…The Hyderabadi Haleem is well known for its rich presence of Nuts like Hazels and Badam and other Nuts which are like ambrosia to have->You will only realize having Spoon in your Mouth filled with haleem after that you won’t even recognize that you are in this Earth it will take you to heaven…One more point to be Noted is it is available only during the Holy Month and it is generally served to end the Fasting ..Haleem is also served as a Starter in the Weddings like soup to get Started Off…For more details visit

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The earnest Hosts takes Revenge in T20

Posted by seshdotcom on June 21, 2008

The West Indies cricket team as i said in the Previous Post really deserved the Victory in the Test Series..Yesterday i tuned on to Ten Sports and was eagerly waiting for the T20 match between West Indies and Australia..And because of the Rain Gods the match was delayed and the 20 over match was delayed and it was announced to the Unquiet crowd that the 20 over match was reduced to 11 overs to both the teams after the rain has undoubtedly stopped..And my Insomnia paid off the match set off after that it was a match with a Mixture of Slogging and beating the batsman with nagging line and suddenly the Oppositions gains an Upper Hand it was a Sort of Cliffhanger Game it would go either way it was Early Morning 1:45 I Enjoyed each and every Moment of the game which i guess only some 0.0000000004% of India’s Population would have watched…

And coming to the Match——–

Australians Batted first and the openers Ronchi and the IPL Hero Marsh started the Innings Positively and marsh Stamped his Authority in the Caribbean with a Huge hit straight down the Ground of Taylors Bowling..And taylor was Clobbered by Ronchi for 14 runs in his first three balls of the Second over(Imagine if you were watching this sort of match at 2.00 a.m) and Ronchi was soon dismissed by Roach and after that the wickets were falling at regular intervals but the Caribbean were not able to control the inflation of runs..And Watson Played his role after coming directly from the Victorious Rajasthan team and finally Australia Scored 97 in their 11 Overs(Thanks to the Splendid innings by Shaun marsh and Luke Ronchi which set up the Platform for the West Indies)

The West Indies chase—-

It was early early morning and Marshall and perkins opened the batting and an Howling thing happened Marshall who was striking the ball Clean and Strong in the Frank worell Trophy picked up Lee and he Pulled him into the Stands..Would you believe it the World’s fastest Bowler steaming in at around 150 Kmph was Pulled off by a Debutant in his very first delivery in a International match..That actually did a Lot to the Confidence of the West Indies team who were Ruling the Cricket from 1975-1983..And then Marshall didn’t let off the crowd who were waiting to see their hero to perform he took the ONCE IN A GENERATION BOWLER Mitchell Johnson to the Cleaners in the Second over of the Match after that perkins also Joined the Party and they both were making a Australians demoralised ..But Marshall the Hero of the match departed for 36(15) because of a Run Out(A Very Good effort by Watson of his own Bowling)when the score was 53..And then it was left to the King of Calypso -Bravo came to the Crease and Played a Blitz which set up a Victory for the West Indians..(A very Good Effort)

What do you people say about this Match?????

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Online Buccaneering hits Music Badly!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 20, 2008

The sales of the Music Cd’s and Dvd’s in all the main Shops fell tot hier lowest in the last ten years…The sources and the Music Reuters say that there was a Sudden Slump in the sales of the Music related Compact Discs and the DVD’s and the datum collected by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry with them shows that the Music sales dropped by 8% which resulted in a 1-1.5 Billion USD Loss for this Industry…What is the reason Behind this???It is nothing but the Growth of Broadband with Greater Bandwidths being supplied to each and every home Using hits High Bandwidth people used to Upload rare Songs and Very Costly Music Albums..So as the first Step of Tackling Online Music Piracy the International Organization for Music is going to enforce some Strict Weblog Barrier in their Websites and in their Portal….And reports say 30 billion illegal downloads was there in 2007,Digital Piracy accounted for 70% of this 30 Billion..Wal-Mart reported some 20% Slump in the Music Cd’s Sales in a Documented report Submitted by it…

So what will be the State of Music after Ten years..And what will Musicians and Singers do????Only GOD Knows

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Royal Enfield Uncovers Upgraded Thunderbird

Posted by seshdotcom on June 19, 2008

ROYAL ENFIELD,one of the Oldest Motorcycle maker in India Unveiled its 350cc Thunderbird Twinspark Motorcycle on Wednesday(18th June) and it has a compact Engine..This Upgraded Version of Thunderbird will first ride on the Unit Construction Engine which has been one of the Major development Company has been doing in the last five years..The Price of this Motorcycle is the main thing that the people will eye on and this was also disclosed to be around 1,03,000 to Lac and five Thousand Approximately and the mileage Under Standard and Testing Conditions were found out to be 45 Kilo Metres/Litre…And coming to the Engine whatever i read in the Motosporty was it Integrates the separate external Clutch and the Gearbox with a Common Crankspace(If there is any Mechnical engineers reading please tell me what is the Advantage of this Because i have no Knowledge about these Machines)->I really don’t know what happens and the Manager in chief said that by Using this UCE the Engine efficiency improves because there are less number of Movable parts..And the other thing is this is also going to be expandable and a new 500 cc Enfield is expected to be released Shortly with Electronic Fuel Injection realized…

The Picture u saw above was Just a Picture of the Enfield Bullet not that of the 350 c.c New Enfield released….

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Unforgettable Day for Ashraful

Posted by seshdotcom on June 18, 2008

Today( 18.06.2008 ) was an Unforgettable day for Ashraful of Bangladesh.The “The most embarrassing defeat in our sport history” was how Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is the Caption Given in all the Daily’s it was nothing but the Embarrassing defeat of the Aussies against the Bangladesh cougars..The Australians were forced to go Down and Under in Cardiff(Natwest series 2005) by a Splendid Knock from Ashraful who took Bangladesh to the Pinnacle of Glory.

Match Intricacy:The Australians having batted first scored a Decent Total of 249/5 with Gilchrist removed by Mortaza for a Duck and then it was Damien martyn’s Job to steady the Ship he Scored a Patient 77 and Katich made a Quickfire 36 and one has to say that the Bangladesh Cougars reduced them to a Good score that is chaseable by them..And then when the Bangladesh came to bat none of them even Dave Whatmore(their coach) would have not expected them to Put a Splendid display..Kasprowicz and Gillespie bowled a good Spell that removed Belim and Nafess and after that the Captain came to the Crease and he along with Ashraful was able to resurrect and give live to the Innings and he scored a fighting 47 before being run out..And then there was nothing left to the fans other than Ashraful’s Blitz he pulled Mcgrath to a Huge Six towards Deep Fine Leg,Square leg Flicks which fetched him Boundaries.And he got his 100 before being caught by Hogg of Gillespie.Then Aftab’s Bludgeoning came at the right time when Bangladesh needed Seven from the Last Over Bowled by Gillespie he was Smacked for a Huge Six and that completed the proceedings and CRICKET’S GREATEST UPSET SURGERY WAS DONE SUCCESSFULLY and the Doctor AShraful was well rewarded with the Man of the Match

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The Aussies Outdo the Windies by 2-0 Win-But Shiv stands tall

Posted by seshdotcom on June 17, 2008

Review: Yesterday I was watching the Australia vs West Indies Match Thriller(3rd TEST MATCH of The Frank Worrell Trophy) Despite the fact that Scorecards and newspaper Scores will not tell you or give you any Clue to guess that it is a Thriller or a Close Shave it was a real thriller->Till Chanderpaul and Bravo were there one has to say that it was a Good Fightback put by the West Indies after the Aussies Posted a mammoth Total and set the Carribeans a Target of 475(475 has never been chased in the History of Test Cricket)..The West Indies started Positively with a Blitz from X.Marshall setting a Correct Platform for them.An Gayle with Occasional hits to the fence by his standing up tall and hitting through the Covers and Straight down the Ground but soon he was dismissed by Lee giving a easy catch to Lee of clarke..And later Chanderpaul and Marshall Marshalled the West Indies Innings and Casson came into the act and removed Marshall and then the extemporized Bravo came to the Crease and he straight away took Casson the Debut man to the Cleaners(not once or Twice he hit him 4 times) but Ricky’s Gamble with Bringing Casson to bowl the 83rd Over even though he conceded runs in the 81st Over PAID OFF..Bravo was Caught at Silly Point by Jacques of the bowling of Casson..After that it was a debacle Ramdin survived some stunning deliveries from Lee and J.Taylor gave him a Good Support..So the Fall of Chanderpaul(Actually the Decision created much of a Speculation in the Crowds Mind Because of the Height Factor)Signaled the West Indies Progression Back to the Pavilion..So Finally the result was Aussies Clinch the Series 2-0…So this was not the result I expected because the W.I were Playing well on the last day of the Match needing only 240 runs with 7 wkts in hand..And one more thing to be Witnessed in this Match is the Aussies were Butterfingers they dropped some 7-8 Catches with Mr.Katich Dropping 4 Catches and Symonds Missing a Run Out..It was a Funny Comment by Tony Cozier telling “HE Doesn’t follow the ball THE BALL FOLLOWS Mr.KATICH-PUT HIM IN DEEP FINE LEG GAYLE WILL PULL ONE BALL AND KATICH WILL DROP THAT– ha ha ha what a comment…”

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Ha Ha A Funny Thing in Thailand

Posted by seshdotcom on June 16, 2008

The Thailand Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej used his weekly television address to give tips on cooking with Garlic,hoping to Prevent the occurrence of protests by Farmers of the Pungent Bulb..The colorful and Controversial Premier,Using Ingridients Such as Shrimp paste,Chillies,and the Mackerel(A ParticularĀ  Family of fishes),Urged People to buy local rather than imported Garlic,and rattled off his Favorite Garlic-Infused dishes…The final word By Sundaravej was “I Did not come here today for a

cooking demonstration but I came here to show these Ingridients”

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Bloggers Face Legal Quandaries

Posted by seshdotcom on June 15, 2008

Blogging Becomes a Legal issue

A Real Estate agent from MIAMI(A city and resort in southeastern Florida on Biscayne Bay) Lucas Lechuga began Blogging to share his Knowledge of the local market..He did not bargain for a 25 Billion USD defamation lawsuit when he wrote that a Miami Developer had gone bankrupt decades ago…

The Man at Geneva,Wisconsin->commodities trader Gary Millette registered the internet domain name eight years ago,but is so worried about the legal Boundaries of writing online that he still hasn’t started the Ultra Local news site.The Local Journalists who have entered the Blog have already stamped their Authority and they provide the News they Gather in their Profession and the Non-Local Journalists entering the world of Blogs,Online feedback forums,online videos,and news Websites provide information that news-Papers and other media can’t or don’t..But many of them are now turning into Professional Journalists for help with dilemmas they’re facing.When is something Harmful/Untrue??What is the difference between Opinion and a News???How can the Public documents be Gathered Effectively???..So the Bloggers are likely to face some Legal issues and there may be strict laws Enforced(Now itself there are some strict laws present of what to write and what not to write)..In future this Screw may be Tightened

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