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ROBOTS all set to explore Antarctica

Posted by seshdotcom on June 1, 2008

Robot Scouters have taken a round in deep space and the deepest seas,but scientists are still struggling to create drones(A Aircraft without an PILOT) that can overcome the multiple challenges of exploring Antarctica…

The Introduction of SnoMote:

The Researchers from Georgia University believe that SnoMote-a Robot designed like a Snow Mobile will be able to deal even with the Wild weather and the Hardest of climatic Conditions,The scientists Believe that the RObots can even Operate in the tricky Tracts..The Scientists have Imagined in thier Framework that Dozens of ROBOTS of SnoMote Moving in the Terrain of the Antarctica…The Main person behind this research is Ayanna Howard->A professor in the Georgis Technology University she developed a Programme that lets the Sno-Motes negotiate with each other(In case of 5-6 Sno-Motes)and decide on which part of the Antartica should be Investigated..

What i believe is this will surely take a turn in the researches done in Antarctica and Can Study the Unusual Animal Behavior found over there Like Polar bear,Seals etc.,

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Shane Warne’s Rajasthan Royals->Gain churner for owners!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 1, 2008

The Royal conquistadors Widely considered as theĀ  Indian Premier League(IPL) Underdogs Rajasthan Royals(Rajasthan Royals) is now Rocking and Swaying.The team has egressed as a Profit Churner for its owners->Who bought it for only $67 Million(US Dollars)(Remember they also paid fine for not able to take the Players in the Auction for that Minimum level)..Manoj Badale one of the Investors that also Include Rupert Murdoch’s alienated son Lachlan,was expecting the team to break down in next 3-4 years..Mr.Badale also said that the Advertisers are lining up in big Numbers for the next season but we have a very few matches left this season so most Probably the Advertisers will be given the rights next season only..The Team Management has now seen an oppurtunity to rope in the Global Sponsors and Rajasthan Royals has caught the attention of many Global sponsors and audience..Remember at the start of this lustrous IPL Rajasthan Royals were considered as Lacklustre Team but now it has made each and every home to Switch on SET MAX and tune into thier Game.

Now tell me what would you like to say to Shane Warne’s artillery Unit???

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