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Ball of the Century Celebrates its 15th Birthday

Posted by seshdotcom on June 4, 2008

That Ball

Shane Warne’sBall of the Century celebrates its 15th Birthday this was the same day where the Slyly warne bowled Mike Gatting around his Legs this Incident also occupied its place in the 100 Worlds Greatest Sporting Moments.The  Wisden Almanack noted that “never, perhaps, has one delivery cast so long a shadow over a game, or a series”.Mike Gatting was Bamboozled by Shane Warne’s Spinning Delivery and he was Completely Subtle in his Flight and the Pitiable and Ill-Omened Gatting was again deceived by that Great Delivery that Spun around the Legs and took his Bails of the Off-Stump and Struck the Stumps with a fair amount of Pace and remember this was Shane Warne’s first Ashes Delivery

4 Responses to “Ball of the Century Celebrates its 15th Birthday”

  1. Ban Mido said

    I remember that ball I think. Shane Warne is a legendary spinner man!

  2. seshdotcom said

    yeah da Vinod Shane Warne is the Paradigm of Spin

  3. harish said

    y not the ball bowled to lara by waqar younis???

  4. seshdotcom said

    Yeah man I agree the Delivery that Waqar Bowled to Mr.Lara was Mr.Unplayable but this was a Sort of Slow death the delivery bowled by Warne to Gatting isn’t it???That one by waqar is a Fast Death

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