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Yahoo Still in talks with Microsoft

Posted by seshdotcom on June 7, 2008

The POST GIANT with INTERFACE GIANTYahoo said on 4th June that the deal talks with Microsoft are going as the company resisted an attack by Billionaire Critic Carl Icahn ->Icahn called the recent actions of the Yahoo were double-tongued..Yahoo has also signed new ad Partnerships with Wal-Mart Stores and other leading retail stores..Susan Decker the President of the Yahoo Services said that some form of deal with Microsoft could still come about and in turn this will benefit Yahoo in multiples of Dollars of thou,On the other Hand Carl Icahn has called on Yahoo to rescind anti-take offers over defenses and merge with Microsoft Writing and one of the Press releases Mr.Icahn has Quoted “Even I am Amazed at the length Jerry Yang and the Yahoo board have gone to in order to entrench their positions and keep shareholders from deciding if they wish to sell to Microsoft” In turn Yahoo has Given a HOT Answer to Icahn telling that it was a Pure Misrepresentation of the facts….

A New Turn to all these Stories: Sources also has said that YAHOO is in Talks with the Ontology Giant Google Inc and if Microsoft doesn’t meet its terms and condition then YAHOO Signs with GOOGLE Will be the news Flashed..


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  1. techwoo said

    Yahoo Still in talks with Microsoft
    .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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