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Chettipunyam->Hayagriva Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge

Posted by seshdotcom on June 8, 2008

The Lord of KnowledgeOne of the Greatest of the Temples for Vishnu in the World Chettipunyam(About some 500 m to the right of Mahindra City going towards Chengalpattu).It will be a great feeling if you go to that temple

Intricacy->The Chettipunyam Hayagriva:

There were Handrails Planted to manage the Queue But when  i went there it had some 10 or 15 and i soon got the Blessings of the Deity.In Hinduism there were some Major Avatars for Vishnu like Narasima,Vamana,Rama etc..,.But there is also an another Important Avatar of Vishnu called Hayagriva.(Hayagriva has a Horse face and the other parts of the Body is Milky White and he will be seen sitting in the LOTUS) Lord Hayagriva is said to be the Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom and one who Prays him will go far in his life..Hayagriva is the Avatar taken by Vishnu to save the Vedas that were Stolen by demons Madhu and Kaitabha from Brahma..During this avatar he slayed the Demons and recaptured the Vedas and Thought the vedas to Goddess Saraswathi and Brahma and really this Chettipunyam is a Such a Famous temple Built Some 500 years ago..And here Hayagriva has the Consort of Goddess Lakshmi..

Hayagriva can be delineated as a God having a Scowling face and has roaring mouth and protruding teeth and he has a Still of a Warrior to be Precise

So It is one the Greatest Temples in World Undoubtedly


4 Responses to “Chettipunyam->Hayagriva Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge”

  1. arvind tayde(maharashtra) said

    i would like to know about Lord haygriva -his invocation practice-his MANTRA(sanskrit) and source from which Purana to be reffered and every thing concerning this deity ,kindly enlighten me in the secred quest.

  2. seshdotcom said

    Hayagriva is one of the Greatest Avatar of Vishnu Bhagvan the Best way to Pray him is by chanting the Mantra

    jnAna-Ananda-mayam devam nirmala-sphaTikAkRtim
    AdhAram sarvavidyAnAm hayagrIvam upAsmahe!

  3. The photo was truly beautiful. I am sure to see it in person is wonderful. What terrible damage was done to the Taj Mahal recently?

    • seshdotcom said

      Hey yeah a Very terrible damage was done to Taj mahal(A five star hotel in Mumbai some brutal attacks were done to people)

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