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AMD to Unveil/Spread PUMA chip Line

Posted by seshdotcom on June 10, 2008

The PUMAAdvanced Micro Devices Inc( AMD) is rolling out a much awaited chips for LAPTOPS AND PCs it is on the verge of Competitive footing against the World’s Biggest Chip manufacturer INTEL..It is very mcuh true and we cannot deny the fact that AMD reported sixth consecutive Quarterly loss which means that it is in loss for the Past 1.5 years..AMD now has a target of more than 100 different Notebook Pcs to use this PUMA Chip Line platform(the Puma platform)..AMD is confident that this particular PUMA design will make the resurrection for the company and it also told that the Users of the PUMA chips are extremely satisfied with the design and this has got a Huge win over the other competitors..The users of PUMA chip line Include ACER,Asus,DELL,SIEMENS,HP and many..The Puma Chip line has Mobile Sempron which is a Robust processor for some LAPTOPS and for MOBILES

So there is every chance that AMD may turn into a No.1 Company Super imposing intel by this PUMA Platform

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