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A Paper Stronger than Iron???Would you Believe it!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 12, 2008

PAPER STRONGER THAN IRONPiercing or say Cut open the Paper in future will become a Tedious Job become some of the Exploring men in Europe has found out a new Paper which is stronger than IRON..This was actually found by Swedish Royal Institute has Produced a Nanopaper from a Biological Matter found in a Standard paper-A cellulose(A sugar that doesn’t react with Water)This new Paper could be used to replace the Conventional Paper and Produce extra Strong Sticky Tape it also helps to create tough synthetic replacements for Biological tissues..The result of the Experiment is that it preserves the fibers strength and it involves Breaking down of the Wood Pulp with Enzymes and then Fragmenting it Using a Mechanical Beater and during this Action some forces are Produced and this Makes the Cellulose to Disintegrate and when Tested by a Mechanical Instrument the tensile(Tension) Strength was found to be 214 Megapascals which is Stronger than a Cast Iron->What a Perfect Result to an Amazing Thinking


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