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Has Twenty20 Cricket changed the Strategic Playing??Is Cricket a Sloggers Game!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 12, 2008

We all know what T20 Cricket is???->A Game where the Bowlers have to hold their nerve  and Spinners should have a Big Heart bowling to the 11 Sloggers in the team who can easily take away/Plunder you to the Cleaners and you will never Know what is a Good Score in T20…Like in 50 overs Game if you Score above 300 you will have Some Psychological Advantage but in T20 even 200 can be Chased with ease…And Coming to Strategic way of Playing Cricket in general you will have some Strategy/Plan of how to Play your Game my Question over here is After Playing T20 Cricket i think only a handful of Batsman can Adjust to the Limited Overs(50 over)Edition..The Advent of the T20 has made the viewers(Including me) mad Sitting in the Front of the Idiot Box and spending Hours together..Now what exactly happens is because of this Sloggers Game the Oldest form of Cricket the TEST CRICKET where the Patience and Skills of the Batsman is Tested will not appeal to all the Fans as they have seen the White Ball Flying over the Park and Parking Lot they will not feel seeing the Ball timed and Placed..In my point of view i think this will Certainly affect the TEST Cricket if not the 50 Over Game…And with Sponsors Swarming for this Sloggers Game i think soon this TEST CRICKET Will Fall Behind if Not ONE DAY CRICKET

What you think??


3 Responses to “Has Twenty20 Cricket changed the Strategic Playing??Is Cricket a Sloggers Game!!!”

  1. harish said

    seshu, have u started writing the sponsored posts?

  2. Sundar said


  3. seshdotcom said

    No da Harish i have not Started writing da

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