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Royal Enfield Uncovers Upgraded Thunderbird

Posted by seshdotcom on June 19, 2008

ROYAL ENFIELD,one of the Oldest Motorcycle maker in India Unveiled its 350cc Thunderbird Twinspark Motorcycle on Wednesday(18th June) and it has a compact Engine..This Upgraded Version of Thunderbird will first ride on the Unit Construction Engine which has been one of the Major development Company has been doing in the last five years..The Price of this Motorcycle is the main thing that the people will eye on and this was also disclosed to be around 1,03,000 to Lac and five Thousand Approximately and the mileage Under Standard and Testing Conditions were found out to be 45 Kilo Metres/Litre…And coming to the Engine whatever i read in the Motosporty was it Integrates the separate external Clutch and the Gearbox with a Common Crankspace(If there is any Mechnical engineers reading please tell me what is the Advantage of this Because i have no Knowledge about these Machines)->I really don’t know what happens and the Manager in chief said that by Using this UCE the Engine efficiency improves because there are less number of Movable parts..And the other thing is this is also going to be expandable and a new 500 cc Enfield is expected to be released Shortly with Electronic Fuel Injection realized…

The Picture u saw above was Just a Picture of the Enfield Bullet not that of the 350 c.c New Enfield released….

19 Responses to “Royal Enfield Uncovers Upgraded Thunderbird”


    Bullet has a character of its own. It is different. Once in the saddle it inspires confidence. The bike moves with nonchalant,emphatic poise so different from the other bikes.Fuel efficiency is not something a Buleteer usually worries about.

    The UCE in a Bullet will definitely improve efficiency. So far I have not tried one with UCE in it. However I think the Grand Daddy of Indian bikes may lose its character by emulating the current breed of twowheelers runninng,screeching doing high acrobatic on the road. The UCE will make the machine lose its liesurely pace born out of the confluence of a separate gear box, engine, clutch and other control mechanism which imparts correct response time.
    one of these

  2. seshdotcom said

    Hello Mishra yeah it was a Very good Explanation I got some 75% from your Explanation it was a Good One really.

  3. Sandy said

    Mishra ji is right. Enfield Bullet has a unique design and becasue of that it has a unique character. I am a software engineer and when I see my enfield, it makes me realize that its design is a complete object oriented design. Any programmer can understand what I am trying to say. But in short, I just want to tell you that the joy you can feel when you see laughing children, when you hear their laughters, the same you can feel when you ride the bullet and hear its thumps.

  4. seshdotcom said

    Hi Sandy Yeah Enfield is Probably the best Bike I have ever seen but is too costly One may think thrice before buying It..But Certainly the comfort Zone is to Sky Level man


    ROYAL ENFIELD is a super bike.i like it very much.i’ve 1978 model enfield india.which is in totally origanal condition. it sounds very good.

  6. seshdotcom said

    Hi Harsh yeah I too like Royal ENfield a lot it is a very sturdy vehicle irrespective of the Road Condition you can drive smoothly

  7. neethi said


  8. abishai said

    bullet is a superb bike.i like it very much.the body shape is nice.i luv it..

  9. Deep chauhan said

    I love royal enfield.singh is king best bike.punjabian di saan hai ye…

  10. Varun said

    hi…… m varun
    i love standard bullet
    jatt di tour

  11. Varun said

    hi…….. m varun
    i love standard bullet
    jatt di tour hai a

  12. guro said


  13. TINKU said

    i love standard bullet.full sardari bike. keya standard bike band ho gayi.

  14. babin said

    bullet is a wonder full bike
    harip bike

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