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Online Buccaneering hits Music Badly!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on June 20, 2008

The sales of the Music Cd’s and Dvd’s in all the main Shops fell tot hier lowest in the last ten years…The sources and the Music Reuters say that there was a Sudden Slump in the sales of the Music related Compact Discs and the DVD’s and the datum collected by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry with them shows that the Music sales dropped by 8% which resulted in a 1-1.5 Billion USD Loss for this Industry…What is the reason Behind this???It is nothing but the Growth of Broadband with Greater Bandwidths being supplied to each and every home Using hits High Bandwidth people used to Upload rare Songs and Very Costly Music Albums..So as the first Step of Tackling Online Music Piracy the International Organization for Music is going to enforce some Strict Weblog Barrier in their Websites and in their Portal….And reports say 30 billion illegal downloads was there in 2007,Digital Piracy accounted for 70% of this 30 Billion..Wal-Mart reported some 20% Slump in the Music Cd’s Sales in a Documented report Submitted by it…

So what will be the State of Music after Ten years..And what will Musicians and Singers do????Only GOD Knows

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