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Man Arrested for Drunken Wheel Chair driving

Posted by seshdotcom on June 25, 2008

An Australian Man has been arrested with charges related to drunken Wheel Chair Driving and he was arrested when the Officials found that he is driving his Motorised Wheel Chair while he is in a Excited State..The Motorists were forced to drive around hte 64-Year Old man after it was found that he Lacked Sensation in a Exit Lane in Queensland’s Famous Captain Cook Highway and the Man in the Unconscious state was taken and a First Aid was given after performing a breathalyzer test to Calculate the Amount of Chemical Intake and the Officials and the COPs say that the fine would extend Upto 2 Months Jail and 500 Australian Dollars as a penalty..

6 Responses to “Man Arrested for Drunken Wheel Chair driving”

  1. Sundar said

    Haha. That’s funny news indeed.

  2. kumaraguru said

    it s really funny da…
    but i donno y he s punished, he may not kill anyone by this type of drunken drivin. the max extent s he may injure others far less than he could hav been injured…
    ha ha ha…

  3. seshdotcom said

    Yeah da even i found this one very very Funny when i read it..ROFL

  4. seshdotcom said

    Kumaraguru the Lord of Bouncers has finally done it in My Blog what a man he is-> a Great Man isn’t it????..Guru Namba wheel chair la Polama

  5. seshdotcom said

    Ennapa Guru Polama Wheel chair la

  6. harish said

    this is really looking strange..

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