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Zombie Attack makes Communication Quadriplegic

Posted by seshdotcom on June 26, 2008

EMAIL and the Secured Commmunications were interrupted(in Marshall Islands)and the Organizations in that  Particular Zone where affected->Because of a Zombie computer attack that was launched by the Hackers in Marshall Islands(Micronesian island nation)on Tuesday(early morning)the Hackers used computers taken over by the Viruses to flood the ISP->Internet Service Provider with Spam e-mails(You can also consider this one similar to Replay attacks sending Bulk Packets of Information and making the Server Overwhelming with Information and it crashes when it reaches out of Bounds)and it was estimated that some 55,000 People were affected by this attack..And after 18 Hours also the attack was not resolved and no one were able to come with a Solution..And the Govt.Owned Telecommunications Industry NTA->National Telecommunications Authority was hit with a sudden Quadruplex increase in the Incoming Mail,Which was later explained by the Technological Experts as “Zombie Computers”.While NTA customers could send and receive emails to each other through the local system,virtually non-NTA emails had been received since Monday;impacting local businesses,banks and Govt.Officers

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