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Camelopard helps camels,Zebras Bilk from Circus

Posted by seshdotcom on July 2, 2008

In a circus in Netherlands(Amsterdam) A Camelopard made/helped the other  animals in the park to flee it is Unbelievable isn’t it???A Giraffe becoming a rescuer->But this certainly put doubts in front the Giraffe Scientists and the People who do research studies with the Earth Tallest Mammalian..There were some eye-witness who said that 15 camels,Two Zebras and a Undetermined number of llamas escaped from the Circus after a Giraffe kicked a hole in their cage..A Policeman at the beat house said that the Animals wandered in group through a nearby neigh-bourhood for several hours after their breakout at 5:30 A.M..aNd finally the animals were brought to the circus by a Hard fought Battle by the Policemen..

I think that the Giraffe is a Quiet Intelligent Creature..

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