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Stradivariu’S’ecrets->How does it strike that Heavenly Sound man!!!!

Posted by seshdotcom on July 5, 2008

In general Stradivarius violins-A stringed instrument have a reputation of producing a heavenly sound when the string is played(This particular Instrument was designed and built by Antonio Stradivari).For Ages,connoisseurs have been having a discussion on the secret of Stradivarius violin’s heavenly sound.Now,a new exploration claims to have solved the Mystery and has found out the answer->The answer was very surprising to me when i heard why the Stradivarius sounds good!!! It was revealed that the Superior and heavenly sound the Stradivarius Violin’s attains is because of the density of the two wooden panels used to make its body->See how a perfect design using a Perfect log¬† can totally change the complexion of music..The Musical Instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries has a consistent density throughout the violin,allowing them to produce notes of Distinctive Richness and Power..But when you compare today’s Modern violin you can see that the density vacillates and it is not Constant..Because of this only The Stradivarius Attains that Pleasing sound—It was going well (this particular violin Stuff)when i scouted through The daily..Hope you will also find it Interesting…

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6 Responses to “Stradivariu’S’ecrets->How does it strike that Heavenly Sound man!!!!”

  1. Visu said

    Amazing Instrument. I wanted to learn violin, but its the toughest instrument ever. In my personal opinion, this is the only instrument which will just make perfect sound only in the hands of veteran.(I’ve heard ravindran’s.. No comments) ..

    And by the way, do you have any compositions ? I have very few of L.Subramaniam.

  2. seshdotcom said

    yeah Violin is tough to learn da..Even i wanted to learn Drums but my father told learn Drums means don’t step Inside

  3. Visu said

    Haha, you should have said ‘Mirudangam’.. only then they say ‘Yes’..

  4. seshdotcom said

    Mirudangam Solli erukalaam Cha nalla idea i missed it out completely Ana Drums maari varadhu da

  5. Sundar said

    Seri pa Sesha…. ne VN Vinod a emulate panna try panre nu puriyudhu.

  6. seshdotcom said

    Amam da machi drums maari varadhu da ana Pitch ai poachui da(lol:V.N.Vinod Style) Full Toss Podadha dai..V.N is varungala Varlaaru da Future History(How is the Name)

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