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The “thomlee” Pair the most destructive duo-)has left many of the GR8’s in Lurch

Posted by seshdotcom on July 20, 2008

Lillee Firing a Tracer Bullet

Lillee Firing a Tracer Bullet

I was not born when “The Lilee and Thomson Pair” were wrecking and demolishing the Opposition during the late 70’s and early 80’s.But I have seen many commentators/cricket historians Emphasizing these two peoples name whenever fast Bowling comes into discussion.Dennis Keith Lillee was one of the most Unpredictable bowler during that time in the Australian Armory.When he started his career he had many complications with his Back and Shoulder many of them thought that his name will never go into the History Books but that did not happen Luckily for Dennis he came with a Bang in the World Series Cricket matches where he started to sail with a Small Log “in the Ocean called Cricket” and he was the first man to bring that nine slips to place and cramping the Batsman by Bowling close to the Body and making him to somehow make a fine edge and sending him to the Pavilion.And when he retired he retired as a man who was most remarkable Sportsman of Australia and with a record of more number wickets in Test Cricket.Even though I don’t like Lillee for his On-field Behaviors and his Unethical Aluminium bat Incident I like his Bowling and his Unstrained Action and his High Arm Release

Coming to the Other Sizzling customer:

Jeff Thomson was certainly another great Bowler affectionately called “Thommo” he was one of the Fastest Bowler to Play the Test Cricket and one of the most promising competitor in the World Fast Bowling Competition held during year 1978.He Proved by Bending his Back very very Hard and his delivery clocked 147.9 Km/h which was Unplayable during that time would you Believe it his delivery clocked more than that of the Surmount of Fast Bowling->Michael Holding.Thomson’s invisibility cloak was removed when he came like a Bullet Jet and rocked the English at the 1974-1975 Ashes series with 33 wickets which made many Batsmen have sleepless nights about THOMSON the Nightmare he is Weapon with sheer Pace who can make the Timber cartwheel even Out of the Ground 🙂 and he had a very short but a Crispy Cricket career where he played almost equal number of Tests and ODI’s(50/50) and he took 200 wickets in his Tests and 180 odd wickets in Tests which made him a Player who cannot be effaced from the Minds of Cricket Fans

So Undoubtedly these two were the most lethal pair to share the New Ball.I think the next Place can be given to the Sultans of Swing(The Two W’s)Waqar and Wasim who has broken many Stumps and toes of many Batsman.


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