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The Hotshots to fight against Tobbaco

Posted by seshdotcom on July 27, 2008


We all know about Bill Gates what kind of a Man he is in “The World of Computers” but guys are you looking out something more of him here it is “The Computer conjurer has committed a deal with a Person to fight against tobacco”–>The person is none other than the Newyork Lynchpin Michael Bloomberg(who is the Mayor of the New York city).This rally sort of thing is Organized to mainly focus on Youths who are being Pulled into this Lure stone called->(The Tobacco) and this will include Bill/Bloom duo to perform anti-smoking rallies or say a Campaign mainly in countries like INDIA,CHINA,and other Asian Countries.Actually how Bill Gates got Involved in this is through Global Health Program organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he actively participated in the Campaigns and put forth some important points to make the Future Pillars of the World(CHILDREN’S) aware of the TOBACCO and its Effects.

As far as the news world is concerned it is told that Bill Gates will actively do his campaign in INDIA where the death caused due to tobacco is increasing 19% every Year and the advent of Beedi has made things worser and as we know People who can’t afford to buy Cigarette are going for a Low cost Beedi which is a easy way to give Lung Cancer.So Indians I think are not taking any control Measures A Person from thousands and thousands of Miles is going to come and do this repair work.I really appreciate Bill and Bloom for their efforts May this duo save the YOUTH My Hearty Wishes to them


4 Responses to “The Hotshots to fight against Tobbaco”

  1. sunil said

    These tycoons might come forward to protest against Tobacco uses.. But its the mass who should think for their lives

  2. seshdotcom said

    Yeah da certainly it is the responsibility of the Masses

  3. aslam said

    Here is a slogan that Bill could use : “Don’t waste your youth through tobacco, waste it using Windows™ instead. It kills all the same.”

    Ok.. jokes apart.. its a really noble initiative…

    Similarly, the Bill and Milinda Foundation is an organization to help the poorer nations… so it ain’t the first time that Mr.Gates is involving himself in such noble causes…

  4. seshdotcom said

    Yeah thats correct Bill Gates is More a Humanitarian than a Computer Wiz

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