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My 100th Post-World’s Greatest All rounders Swashbuckling type

Posted by seshdotcom on August 8, 2008

Hi/Hello blokes this is my 100th Post and I thought of writing Something related to my favorite Sport.Here it Unveils World’s two Greatest All Rounders and what they have done to make me add them to my Cart.So I have noticed some of the Gr8’s Playing and has heard of some of the Gr8’s who have Played but these two are extremely outstanding or simply superb to me.So I would like to start with my favorite Player-


He is more of a sort of Silent Killer and a Slow Poison you cannot guess when he will burst so to visualize him think of Naples(The Dormant Volcano).He has the Ability of hitting through the Line whenever he feels he can also become a Class Act whenever he feels.I cannot forget the Match in which he Clobbered Mr.Pigeon to 5 Lightning Boundaries which made Pigeon Share some Words of No Use,And one of the Match which still flashes in my Memory when I think of Cricket is the match he Played against New Zealand where he made the KiwiPak Crowd Bite their nails however pakistan lost their Match but Razzaq with his willow took a Match which looked like “NO VALUE FOR MONEY GAME” to “FULL VALUE FOR MONEY GAME”.And who can forget his Timely Knocks against India,Sri Lanka and against Australia this page would not be enough to describe about Razzaq-the Greatest All rounder I have Ever Seen.And coming to his Bowling he has made many Great Batsman(Even Sachin)to go to Pavilion in Minutes he was brought to attack due to his High and Backing wrist Position many of the Batsman face trouble to Pick him an will often get Leg Before to Him.I think PAKISTAN is Wasting such a Talented Player like Razzaq I don’t think they know how to use a resource like Razzaq-He is a Great Player guys watch out for his Videos



Next comes the Great Freddie:

Freddie Flintoff is a great All rounder we all know about his Heroics in the Ashes 2005 Cricket Series where he turned the Whole series Upside Down with his Bowling and his Batting,He is a Man of Power and Technique but if you see his recent past you will not recognize that he is a Great Player.Injuries put a Stoppage to this Great Man.Who can forget his Over(An Unplayable one man) where he scalped Ponting after a No Ball that was actually the Test Cricket’s Greatest over,According to me can also be considered to be equal to the Greatest over in the History of Test Cricket- Holding to Boycott Over.Flintoff has also performed Well against all the Oppositions he is Big man Stands tall and punches down the Ground and can Come down the Track and can take you to cleaners.After Inzamam I think he is a Correct Blend of Power and Technique.He has also captained the side but that didn’t give him that much of a success.And remember he is also a Dormant Volcano like Razzaq may erupt at any Time the shot which I like with him is the Straight Hit(Goes to 2nd or third floor or even out of the Ground-(The Six he hit of Lee in that series)which he does with ease.And coming to his bowling he is a Subtle Bowler Who hits the Deck Hard and extracts bounce of the Pitch and Makes you feel Uncomfortable and you will nick one and go to your dressing room-He is really hard to Play tats sure-Even the Great Gilly Mentioned that.

Has a Tracer Bullet in both his Bowling and Batting

Has a Tracer Bullet in both his Bowling and Batting

So i have to thank all the readers who regularly visit my Blog–Thanks for doing that I will try to give you something more Interesting/different always on Whatever I like tats more important else you will never feel like writing.


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