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You can count without using Numbers!!

Posted by seshdotcom on August 22, 2008

The researchers have finally found this Wow(This research will certainly benefit School Going Guys-No need to do Complex Counting or Have “Two on your Mind and Four on your Finger”:)-This one reveals why it is???It is because of extreme and special characteristic/God’s Gift present with the Human Beings have the inbred talent for enumeration that do not rely on Words-isn’t interesting???This research was carried out by a Research Crew at London.This Unique characteristic present within Humans was proved when the Senior Member of the Research Crew Mr.Brain Butterworth performed some Tests-What he did was he compared the Numerical Skills of children of Two Indigenous Australian Groups whose languages doesn’t contain Much of number words and he did some Memory Testing with those children like Placing various Number of Objects on a Mat.Children in the Group were asked to Place same amount of Objects on the Mat and the Final reports that came in was-The Performance of two children(Unique children)equally matched the performance of the Other children who speak More English which has Obviously More Number Words.The tests done by Butterworth doesn’t say or Generalize that Understanding of Exact Numbers does not depend on language.But this type of research done by Mr.Butterworth raises a Great Doubt in the People(The Doctors)who are in Neuro Line.This raises Many Questions *Do Humans have Visual Memory(a Visual Cache)??,*If not how do they represent the Numbers Internally???

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