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The Barmy Army does it in Style 3-0/3

Posted by seshdotcom on August 30, 2008

keys:People who are first seeing the Name Barmy Army Please don’t confuse yourself -We Generally refer to English Cricket Team as Barmy Army(Actually The name was coined by the Supporters).Now let us see how The Barmy army has transmogrified and become a BRAWNY ARMY

I am happy that England won the On-going series Against South Africa Comprehensively- they really deserve it Guys.This was a great comeback by the English team after they were badly struck with Players Getting Injured and players retiring from the International arena due to some Personal Problems.Who is responsible for this revamp?????You tell me Guys you have seen the English team some 8-12 Months Back-I will not say that they didn’t play well or they didn’t win Matches but I can say one thing the SPIRIT was 0 Degrees but all of a Sudden the Mercury Level has rose to the peak in the last one Month…What is new here????Here comes the Freddies,the Harmis and this Guy K.P’s Captaincy-I think most of the revitalization was done by them.

Freddie makes a noteworthy comeback:

Often being hit by Injuries one would have never expected the 05 Ashes Author-Andrew Freddie Flintoff to make a Comeback to strengthen the Barmy Army.He proved to be a Utility Player in both his Bowling and Fielding and believe me Guys As I said in My 100th Post this Guy is very hard to play,I have seen turf going in the air when he shares the new Ball and hits the deck Hard to extract that Supernatural pace and Bounce which has Bamboozled even the Greats.He Scored 78 in both the Matches in which he got chance to Play the Important thing is he also bowled some overs and got wickets and Broke Partnerships(for which he is better known to be the THE BREAKER).What is surprising with this Freddie is his Bowling Speed touched 90 miles constantly which is not very easy to do.He is certainly a handy Player and it would haven’t been easy for England to beat the mighty South Africans in a Comprehensive manner in case of Freddie’s Absence.

Harmison Back with a Bang:

As soon as Jayasuriya cashed him heavily Harmison announced that he is retiring from ODI’s and will concentrate only on Test Matches but see now what has happened Harmison with his Exhorbitant Height has started troubling the Batters with the Bounce he extracts from the pitch and the late Movement that makes the Batsman nicky and has brought again to make the scenes of sad walk to the Pavilion for the English Crowd to Cheer can be Often noticed.How can people forget this long man’s spell Against the Carribeans he punished them severely.Now he is Back with a Cannon Bullet that Thrashes the Willow and he also bowls with a decent speed of around 88 to 90 miles

And there were remarkable contribution from the Captain’s side K.P did well with the Bat and Patil and Broad took a Five wicket haul apiece and on the Whole the English Team worked in Harmony and achieved the “Pinnacle of Glory”

This raises the Curiosity inside us and makes me Predict the Outcome of the Ashes Series Going to Take place next Year.Tons of Talent in the stash and if Barmy Army’s Artilleries were fine tuned then I can assure you people that Ashes 09 will go to the English team which had a Rebirth(A very Young team Blokes:))

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