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Everyday life in antiquated Greece

Posted by seshdotcom on September 27, 2008

The day to day life of the Ancient Greeks had a huge variation depending on which economic group one was born into or whether one lived in the city or the country. Within an Athenian aristocratic family, for example, a woman citizen lived more comfortably, materially, than her counterpart who sold wares at the market. Country folk in Attica-(One of the territory of Ancient Greece where a type of Ionic dialect is spoken)dreaded leaving their peaceful farms during the Peloponnesian-This is the place where the Athens and their Allies where defeated by Peloponnesian League led by a Group called Sparta-You can also see this link to know more about Peloponnesian War)and those women did not have any other profession after fleeing that place during that war were literally starving for food-As far as I am concerned I think there is no difference in the way people lived in the different countries during this era-Everything were based on your Economic Status


Hey coming to the life at Athens–It was said that Athens was a heavily Crowded place during the early 4th and 5th Century.It was the same situation which is now all over the World there was no safety for people after it becomes dark and poor people didn’t have any shelter and they did what they can do-By building houses with Mud Bricks or loosely bonded stones and even Some of the poorest homes were put up against the side of a rock or in small cave-like openings of a rock wall.And there were Huge castles/fortress called Citadel streets where the People of higher social and economic status lived.

How did the Buying and selling Happen

This is how Agora looks like today-This was the place where the Ancient Greeks had their Market

This is how Agora looks like today-This was the place where the Ancient Greeks had their Market

The buying and selling of Goods Happened in a similar fashion how it is happening now there used to be a Place called Agora-(Oh this term is pretty tough to remember so I wrote it in a Book :))This Not only was a place for different Money Transactions and exchange of goods etc., but it was also the Place where mature men met to discuss politics and culture.And it is very hard to find Women over there shopping–but you can find House Slaves and Married men coming to buy things like day to day needs and food stuffs to be cooked.

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Fasting is too Good for Health

Posted by seshdotcom on September 21, 2008

It might sound weak but makes you really strong

It might sound weak but makes you really strong

Fasting by the Oxfords,by the Websters means-Choose not to Consume Food,But it has got much more meaning than that-Fasting is one of the effective method of removing the Poison from the Body this technique have been practiced by our ancestors to make themselves look Youthful and Healthy.What fasting does is it gives all your internal organs a rest so you will feel better after a fast it would be like revamp of your body.Even doctors advice to do fasting once in a week it enhances our body’s Self-Healing Power.Fasting works by self-digestion. During a fast your body intuitively will decompose and burn only the substances and tissues that are damaged, diseased or unneeded, such as abscesses-(A damaged tissue),tumors, excess fat deposits, excess water and congestive wastes.Even a crisp fast say for about 2 days a Week will accelerate elimination from your liver, kidneys, lungs, bloodstream and skin.

What is that which Makes Fasting a Great Act:

I think the Greatest Discovery by the Modern men is he has learnt how to rejuvenate his body both mentally and physically by the help of fasting and it is said that Man is able to prevent Premature aging and Premature death by doing a regular fasting.

What happens when we eat a Large Meal:

I read this in one of the Magazine that when we eat a heavy meal It takes a tremendous amount of Vital Force to pass a large meal through the gastrointestinal tract and also to eliminate the waste via the 30 foot tube that runs from the mouth to the rectum(The bottom Part)-When we food and as it passes through the body, it must be mashed, digested, assimilated and then the waste is eliminated and this is done by the eliminative organs. In order for these eliminative organs to work perfectly, the body must build a high Vital Force which makes the food to go through that tube fast.Fasting helps our body to improve this vital force

I think it would be nice if everybody practice fasting which doesn’t cost anything other than controlling your tongue– Fasting promotes health and Long living

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Oh the Buzzing around the World is about this

Posted by seshdotcom on September 20, 2008

The Lehman Brothers becomes very lean

The Lehman Brothers becomes very lean

Hey it may be too late to write in my Weblog but thought of writing this-The Bank Giant LEHMAN BROTHERS Shares lost about 40% on Thursday which made the Socials question that whether the Bank will survive from this deficit-This happened because of its failure to sell the assets to cover the losses from the real estate investments.Lehman Brothers in its report announced that incurred a Quarterly loss of 3.9$ Billion because of this,and said it would spin Off distressed assets and sell a stake in tis asset Management Business.One of the Chief market analyst of Jefferies and CO told that it is pretty hard to believe that Lehman failed to clear the dark Cloud that surrounded it-And this has brought complete Lack of faith,Lack of trust,Lack of confidence.The filing made by the Lehman brothers is said to be the largest bankruptcy in the history of U.S Markets

Once or say some days back Lehman Brothers-Was a Umbrella term for Faith,confidence,Customer satisfaction,Prolific Growth etc etc etc,)But now it is no more like that until Lehman proves and revitalize itself from the heavy loss incurred by it.I probably think it would be Acquired by someone else it is no more a Independent Company.And I read about Barclays plc placing a Order and an interest to buy it lets c what is gonna Happen to the Lean Lehman Brothers

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Wellness of your Heart depends on how you brush your teeth

Posted by seshdotcom on September 14, 2008

Little things that can make a Hiroshima/Nagasaki-A Heart Attack

Little things that can make a Hiroshima/Nagasaki-A Heart Attack

This might look as if a Matter of no importance but this is the fact Guys-An research done by a senior research group has confirmed that Poor Dental Hygiene stimulates Heart Attack and it increases the risk of Heart Attack and Strokes–You can think how a silly little plastic with a Cleaning device connected it can have huge impact in our heart—But it is true as we all know that Heart Disease is the #1 Killer around the Globe where it is responsible for some 35-40 % of the deaths which takes place every year.Altho some of the other well known factors like Smoking, obesity,High cholesterol play a major role for Heart complications I am shocked and also found it interesting when I read this–It is good that atleast now we realized the value of-Brushing our Teeth :)-

Why is proper Brushing Mandatory|||||

Because the bacterial infection that is caused when your teeth is not brushed properly Punctures your Heart– the research concludes that even neglected gums which gets deteriorate because of Bacterial Infection can also be a reason for Heart Attack.And only now I realize the value of Brushing teeth with neem sticks-The Universal Alkahest-This shows that our ancestors are wiser than us because we know that neem sticks has got Medicinal Property and probably I think to Kill these Bacteria’s Only in Olden days people used to use neem Sticks to Brush their teeth-And Poeple to be Frank I have never tried that :).

So only now we realize some of the little things that should be done properly in an routine manner


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The Synonym of Productivity

Posted by seshdotcom on September 7, 2008

The man with the Golden Bludgeoning arm

The man with the Golden Bludgeoning arm

I am Great fan of a Saeed Anwar of Pakistan-One of the Greatest Opening Batsman that the Cricket Database has ever had.Many People thought that he may not shine when Marshall sent him to the Pavilion in his Debut(A Brilliant catch by Hooper I remember that match) but  that was proved to be false Anwar started exposing himself to the Outside world with a Quickie 42(32) against their Archrivals India and a nitid star named Saeed Anwar was Exposed Galaxy called cricket -He is not an very Aggressive batsman like his partner Afridi but can demolish even the strongest of Attacks in the World with his Perfect timing and lustrous drive through the Offside and Onside(which happens to be his Trademark shot) and as days passed Anwar made his Javelin spear go deep inside the land called Cricket with his effortless batting style and sheer timing which made him one of the Prolific top order batsman in the World,and later in the year 1997 he punished the Indian Bowlers for their poor Bowling he took the risk by Banging Kumble Outside the Ground-And plundered runs of his over by hitting Hat trick of Sixes and scored a record 194(The Highest ever Individual score in a ODI )-I still cannot forget that match which made me cry after India lost.I think for India Dravid scored some runs which pushed India to a respectable score.

The Great Man was Pushed deep inside the earth:

Anwar experienced a sudden and severe psychic trauma when his daughter died of a fire Accident in the year 2001 after this particular Incident there was a Slump in his form and had some poor run during the year 2002 and 2003.But see that is why people say Form is Temporary Class is Permanent Anwar Proved that with a Century against the Indians in the 2003 World cup(But I was not sad on that day beacuse India Won the Match with Sachin’s Masterclass taking Shoaib Akthar to cleaners )

So as a true lover of Cricket I love Batsman who scores freely and with Aggression I think next to THE MASTER Blaster Sachin and specialist Brian Lara there is no other Opening Batsman who would come to your mind other than Anwar/Jayasuriya(Both were equally venomous in their Game)

I would like to dedicate This Post to Saeed Anwar who celebrated his Birthday Yesterday

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The Greeks Euphony -Something about Greek Music

Posted by seshdotcom on September 6, 2008

Hey in this post you can find something about the Music of the Greeks,And many Instruments that they used have become very popular now and It was an Astounding fact for me that Achilles was equally Good in Music as he was with his Armory and Weapons.Two new word I came across was lyre-Which is a Stringed Musical Instrument which can aslo be said as the Ancestoral Instrument and a forerunner to Violin

Olden Aulos-An Effective Piped Instrument

Olden Aulos-An Effective Pipe Instrument-A small Nadaswaram:)

Music was indispensable to the Helene’s and they never gave up their Love for Music.And the Credit goes to God Hermes( god of commerce/cunning/invention/theft)he was the one who made the first lyres when he was Playing with a Tortoise shell when he was a Small Child.Music was recommended by Plato as a standard part of a child’s education, and one of the famous Book in Greek Mythology called-The Iliad also has got some information which reveals the fact that-The Greek Hero Achilles was as skilled with his lyre as he was with his weapons. The old myths were sung as well as told, long before they were written down. The children’s of the Ancient Greek City called the Spartan had their first lessons in their culture as songs.The works of poets were often regarded as songs, and by the year of some 500 to 600 B.C., the Carrying out or say recitation of poetry was generally accompanied by a lyre. The simpler form of the lyre could be found in all Greek homes.And I read that cithara which the Musicians Play in the Festival is one type of a lyre but it is very Complex.And among the Greek Community there was another type of festival performance called the Dithyramb(This is played usually in honor of Dionysus-The God of Fertility and Wine), a dancing chorus that evolved into drama.The word orchestra comes from the Greek word for “dance” (orcheisthai),And it is referred to as a Big Stage where the Musicians perform their Skills The aulos, a flute-like instrument that often had two pipes, was also popular and was often used to play dancing music,One Particular advantage in playing lyre is people can sing at the same time when they play the Instrument.

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Dustbins should be kept for every 1 K.M

Posted by seshdotcom on September 6, 2008

People as you know that the Number of shops are increasing day by day I think this will have a Great Impact on environs cleanness and Pureness,because of this Dustbin and Trash bin or some other Bins where rubbish would be collected should be made Mandatory.And It is not that a Minister or a Socially Graded Person should come and Place it in the corner of the street,Anybody can Just like that Go and Keep a Dustbin- which saves the Environment.I would like to tell you an Incident that Happened in a country some 2 weeks back-A Minister coming and Opening a Dust Bin in a Cricket Stadium to trash the Pepsi Bottles-What do you think about this Incident????I think this is totally staged it is not by his true disposition.And I want to confess to my friends that I am not a staunch environmentalist but I have decided to follow certain Basic things that I think will save the Environment.

The saviour of Environment-Dustbin

The saviour of Environment-Dustbin

What happens when you go to stores:

This one I have been following for the past 2 weeks-Do carry a Bag with you when you go to Store and don’t ask for a Plastic Bag(When you read this you might think who is this fella to tell us-Because Even I was thinking the same when people said me)-These Plastic bags are detrimental to the nature guys so be careful.And one of the common thing I have noted among people is what they will do is they will buy a banana and they will throw away the sheath into the roads or what they will do is they will go and put it in a corner-I think atleast for people of this category Dustbin should be kept after every 1 K.M and people should Use that(thats more important guys).And a periodical cleaning should happen there.I think in our country this will not happen as Setting up of Dustbins will not give that much money(Like putting roads).So I request all the people of our country to somehow take initiative and Save Environment-(Even I was thinking this as minor issue when People come and talk in Schools and Colleges but I don’t know something happened when I read about this guy Bjørn Lomborg.)So saving our Environment is not restricted or bounded within countries it is applicable to the entire Humanity and the Globe.

So while reading through this you might surely think-What man what this guy is writing in a way How Politician Speaks-I thought of writing something more Important and Useful which throws a beacon light on some of the simple things we can do to save our Environment

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The Kickoffs of Classical Greece

Posted by seshdotcom on September 1, 2008

KEYS:People who come across the word Spartans for the first time look here-Spartans is an ancient Greek city famous for military prowess; the dominant city of the Peloponnesus prior to the 4th century BC )

I know that many people are Greek Mythology freaks-where People like Achilles,Zeus,Poseidon,Hades would have filled up your thoughts now guys this is no more a Decription on Ancient age I thought of giving you something more Interesting of how people of this country started developing.I have made a writeup on this so have a coup d’oeil(A Quick look)through this.As there were no exact sources some places would contradict with the Original Greek History so Just go in a Casual Manner

This is where people started to improve their standard of living:Mycenae

The Archaeologists and the Historians consider that the Earliest evidence of the Greek culture to be a Group called Mycenaean”s”-As far as I Know these people had Separate Kingdoms but they shared a Common Language and Culture and this Mycenaean Civilization is said to have begun about some 1.5K Years Before Christ(B.C).The Mycenaeans were influenced by their neighbors, the Minoans,who lived on the large island of Crete(South of Greece). There is no one to beat these Minoans when it comes to Planting Crops and Agriculture Section-They Became highly popular because of this Agriculture and I still remember a Clan of people in Meghalaya offering some prayers which thanks the Minoans-for their Contributions to the field of Agriculture.And one more Interesting thing I would like to expose you is the thing I read about this Mycenaeans is-An array of bronze weapons and armor has been found at Mycenaean entombment-this is to indicate the wealth of these warriors.

Their Stronghold:Aegean Sea-

The Evergreen Hoplites

The Evergreen Hoplites

Look at the stuff rounded by red this was their stronghold for years

Look at the stuff rounded by red this was their stronghold for years

As somedays passed the Mycenaeans took the entire control of the Place called Aegean Sea and their Aggressive approach made them capture more and more Kingdoms towards the North and South side of Aegean Sea.The Mycenaean towns were much more centralized than the Greek city-states that would arise in a few centuries. Everything the society produced theoretically belonged to the king, and then local rulers distribute the wealth. Large palaces were built for the Mycenaean kings, and the one at Mycenae may have been that of the overall king.The Warriors were called Hoplites and these people are very effective in Battles that takes place in Land(Think of Age of Mythology-A Strategy game in which you will create a Warrior called Hoplites he takes 50 Gold:)).And during this period say around 1.4K-1.35K B.C there was a large migration into the Peloponnese Peninsula of the Dorian(One of the Linguistic divisions of Greece)people from the north and the Mycenaeans Ran away Quickly across the Aegean to Ionia, or Asia Minor, to safeguard their life.And after this particular Incident they lost all their palaces and Wealth to the Dorians

This was the Beginning of the Classical Age for the Greeks-And this is the first time I have made an attempt to write something about these Hellene Guys-ha ha Finally I have made it-I don’t know whether it would look Interesting for you???-But I certainly enjoyed while Putting altogether in a Sentence and Presenting it to you

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