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One of the most effective all-rounder that the Island Country has produced

Posted by seshdotcom on October 31, 2008

The Calm pose of the bestial Batsman

The Calm pose of the bestial Batsman

I was thinking of writing something about this person for a very long time now I am going to do that it is none other than Chris Cairns of New Zealand.During the early 2000’s he was the favorite player for me.He can lash you out of the ground whenever he feels and also a pretty good bowler who bowls most of his deliveries around the Off Stump in a nagging length.

Cricket Blood/Career:

Cricket is not new for Chris Cairns he had the Passion for cricket running in his Blood as his Father Lance Cairns was Playing for New Zealand.Chris burst into the international arena at an very young age of 19 against the Aussies but he was out Caught Behind very cheaply of the Bowling of Merv Hughes(It was also a debut match for Tom Moody).He made his ODI debut on the year 1991 in which he didn’t bat very well but grabbed the wicket of Allan Lamb at a Crucial Juncture and the New Zealand team went on to win that Match by 10 runs.

Real Break:

Cairns had real break to his career when he scored a Blitzkrieg 40 in a match against England at Auckland and after that he began gradually grow as an all-rounder who best fitted the No:6 Position for New Zealand in the ODI’s and Tests—>He was one of the hardest hitter of the Quilt in that 1998-2004 period nobody can fox him when he is in his prime form.I recall the words by the Oz Great Shane Warne-Chris Cairns is the best all-rounder in the World.He scored his first ODI century against India at Pune and he was improving day by day and match by match—>And became one of the rare pearl in the Ocean of Cricket.He has also got the credit of Scripting famous wins like the ICC Champions Trophy in 2000 where he and Twose took the match away from India in a Crunch Situation and the Quick century against the proteas where he massacred the S.A Bowlers.One thing which I have noticed about Cairns is it would seem like he has just now Walked to the Pitch but he can take the game away from you in a matter of 4 or 5 Balls–>(You can never Judge this Brutal Guy 🙂 ).

To be particular to the match which I can never forget is the Match which Cairns played against Australia where he took Warne to the Cleaners 4 or 5 times in 2 overs which forced Steven Waugh to take him out of the attack.He hits through the line of the ball with sheer power and when he connects it surely it is going to be a Biggie.He is also in the top 5 of best averages by batsmen batting in No:7.

Post International Cricket Career:

He joined the Indian Cricket League and is the captain of Chandigarh Lions I am glad to see the Great Player again putting his boots and coming to the field.He was awarded ONZM by the New Zealand Govt which is the highest award in that Country.

But I would also like to tell about some of his weakness–>When India toured New Zealand before the WC 2003 I saw he struggled against some of the inswinging deliveries of Javagal Srinath but as days passed by he got Used to that kind of deliveries and he began to cash on that—>He is a Quick learner Isn’t he???

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Objects may become unseeable in future—–>This is no Magic

Posted by seshdotcom on October 26, 2008

Ah finally the Science has come to a level where you can make Objects Invisible.A long term research conducted by the Scientists has almost come to a level of having a cheers when they said we are almost complete with the research of materials that make 3D Objects and even living beings invisible.The scientific theory behind this was the materials they prepared redirect the light around the Object and this was indeed a great invention by the research committee because they were previously able to mask only 2D Objects.Why can’t we make Humans Invisible by using our cloak theory?????This has been a longstanding Question I mean from the day the Project Started–>This new thinking moves scientists to somehow take up the Challenge and work toward it.When I read this I got a perfect explanation from one the scientists How is this achieved????–>It was said that People can see Objects because they scatter light that strikes them,reflecting some of it back to the eye,Now coming to how cloaking is done—->Cloaking uses a special type of materials called Metamaterial,to reflect the any sort of waves around an Object like light waves this Metamaterial are Manufactured by using metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic or Teflon–>Which is very often used in coating of Objects to reduce the sticky nature.And the scientists are now doing a vigorous research on how to make Meta-materials to make the light bend..

I hope that this would be the greatest challenge to the mankind(making a thing invisible is not easy)lets c the result

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How is the Mythical Kingdom today????

Posted by seshdotcom on October 25, 2008

Greece is no exception when it comes to Unpeaceful life—->It was a war-ridden Kingdom—> Greece has gone through a Period of Rough Patch.The conflicts between the locals has led to many changes in Kingship and as you know Greece was one of the worst affected in the Balkan Wars(First Balkan War and Second Balkan War)and after that during the World War Two(II) the Mythical Kingdom was occupied by the Nazis(The German troops Under Hitlers Leadership).As we Indians Believe in the thing—–>Democracy always wins and it is the best system—–>The Hellenes believed in the similar fashion and the democratic forces eventually won, and in 1949 the Greeks established a government with both a top executive(i.e The King)and elected lawmakers–>Who amend or repeal laws.And in the early 1960’s this Government was replaced by Military dictatorship which lasted for a decennary and four years.And now Greece is an Independent country and their system of production and distribution reflects to their system in the ancient past like The Greeks have the world’s largest fleet of merchant ships and perhaps the most important thing to economy is Tourism,people from around the world come to explore one of the historic hearts of Western civilization

Next Post :About the Greek Architecture

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It Might Sound Funny but its true–Singapore Men Put Love On Hold

Posted by seshdotcom on October 19, 2008

Empty Pockets force people to sacrifice many things in life!!!!

Empty Pockets force people to sacrifice many things in life!!!!

No Money No Darling this has now become the Caption of the Singapore Men may be I think there would be Hoardings displaying “SAY NO TO LOVE” the worst affected by this were the Singapore Match Making Agencies one of the Higher Official of the Agencies said we are seeing very Slow Progress in business as the financial crisis and the 9 letter nemesis Recession has taken a Gargantuan growth and this has in turn forced the Singapore men think N times before registering and spending some penny to the Match Making agencies to get a wife.I was able to capture the exact words said by one of the men in the Television “The economy is slowing down and I have no money so girls are of no importance for me now”.So I think this is not going to take much time to spread across the world there might be a situation where all the Bridal Agencies close and would be forced to go for some other business.

So see the impact that Inflation/recession has created around the Globe–This is a contagious disease which will Propagate across the world in a rapid fashion like forest fire(in fact it has already spread)A very rough epidemic disease

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A Gonzo Gift for Vladimir

Posted by seshdotcom on October 15, 2008

On Oct 7th Vladimir Putin the ex-President of Russia celebrated his 56th birthday and what was remarkable about this Birthday why am I writing this????All this is because of the  Unique Gift Presented on the occasion of his Birthday—A Tiger Cub 75 days old and weighing 20-pound.Putin invited journalists to his dacha(Dacha means Russian Country House usually very large) and took them to a room where the cub was kept in a wicker basket( Basket made of caning work which can be woven to a Useful Object) but Putin refused to tell to the Journalists that who gifted the Cub to him.The only thing which he told to the Journalists was this cub would be named Mashenka or Milashka.

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Egypt the World’s First Super power

Posted by seshdotcom on October 13, 2008

EGYPT, THE WORLD’S FIRST SUPERPOWER, WAS BORN ABOUT 5000 B.C.E. in the valley of the Nile River in northeastern Africa,Fitting very closely into a long, narrow threaded by the river and bounded by steep cliffs.The Egyptians called their Homeland as Something called kemet which means Black Land.

How the Name Nile came????—

The Nile, one of the world’s longest rivers, flows more than 4,200 miles north from central Africa to the Mediterranean. The name “Nile” comes from the Greek word Neilos, but only we are calling the river as NILE the Egyptians called it simply iteru, “the river.”The ancient Nile had at least five, and as many as Sixteen outlets to the sea.And the Nile bend into two streams one is a White Nile which rises from Lake Victoria and other one is a Blue Nile which rises from Lake Tana.The two streams join at Khartoum(The capital of Sudan located at the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile).

How the water was taken to the people—There was an Overwhelming amount of water from the Great Nile thats sure—

The End of May is the time where there would be complete drought in the Nile. Nile was at its lowest level of the year, and the land was dry and cracked.And in worst case there would be floods which would make some Green Vegetation but sometimes become a nemesis for the planting and harvesting.The Egyptians are said to worship Vital Inundation that is the Flood which does some good things for the People as Hapi-I saw him in a Portrait he is Chubby God with Some plant growing from his head.They held festivals to honor Hapi they are said to have Worship God Hapi by throwing Flowers inside the river in a Particular day called Awru el-Nil, Which happens a national holiday that celebrates the inundation(The Mass inflow of water).

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US Economic Woes continue

Posted by seshdotcom on October 12, 2008

Don't know when it will Burst

This is the Situation in each and every company

You can never sleep peacefully

You can never sleep peacefully

Payrolls in US probably fell in August for an eighth Month and Manufacturing stalled and till now there has been no improvement in the world economy ,Employers are said to probably cut 75,000 Jobs what will the people of US and other country do if this is going to happen on a Regular basis??????..Mounting Job losses,sliding home values,reduced access to credit and rising prices are the reasons for the people around the world to sit dunned.One of the famous economist in US told that “We’ll see job cuts continuing as businesses are under lot of Pressure”.I read that General Motors(one of the largest US automaker )is offering early-retirement incentives to about 9000 salaried workers,and workers of Renault one of the other major Automobile company came to know about the Plot well before and they indulged in strike but General Motors workers I think hasn’t realized the future and probably that would be the worst Job filtration in the History of US Automobile Industry.And the manufacturing sector was seen from the Outside world as the most Unaffected/Most untouched by this Sudden Econemesis-(The Misery Caused by economy) because it is getting support from exports but this is also held back because of poor and weak domestic Activity.And many Job cuts are expected to happen United Airlines has also announced that there would be a liquidation of 1,550 flight-attendant jobs to help themselves recover from early loss

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A New Problem with Plastics

Posted by seshdotcom on October 8, 2008

A New study has linked a controversial chemical widely used in baby bottles and plastic food containers to diabetes,heart diseases and liver abnormalities.The JAMA-Journal of American Medical Association reviewed the effect on Adults of the chemical known as Bisphenol A(BPA).It was also found that the Adults with the highest concentrations of BPA on their Urine had nearly triple the odds of Cardiovascular disease.A survey was taken by the JAMA which had some 1500 Adults,those with the highest BPA levels had more than double the odds of having diabetes—Higher Urinary Concentrations of BPA is associated with an increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease,diabetes,and liver-enzyme abnormalities


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Fat Dolphins go on to take prescribed selection of foods

Posted by seshdotcom on October 3, 2008

People see even Animals have started dieting

People see even Animals have started dieting

Dolphins at a Japanese Marine park was found to be too hefty and they have been advised by the vet to be on diet for 6-8 months.The Dolphins over there are going on a low fat diet after developing something called pot bellies.This was decided by the veterinary doctors when they threw some fishes into the pool and the Dolphins were not able to reach those fishes quick enough as they used to be in their aquatic performances.Kinosaki marine world in western Japan said some days ago that all its 19 Dolphins have been in practice of ingesting food in a regulated fashion to achieve or maintain a controlled weight—-These steps were also taken in order to control the Heart diseases that is getting developed in the Dolphins due to Overeating.One of the veterinary doctor told the media that “We are Puzzled by their poor performance and only then it struck to our mind that it looks rounder”.The same doctor visited that Place some 6 months ago and during that time the weight of the dolphin was measured and when he came back again it has increased by 25 Pounds-Goodness Me thats Huge!!!

So it was an interesting piece of article published in a Magazine so I thought of sharing it

Courtesy whale and Dolphin World

So lets c whether the Dolphins are going to teach a lesson to mankind to control Overeating :):)

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Martial Arts-What exactly it is???

Posted by seshdotcom on October 2, 2008

As Zillions of pages were filled and torn and many liters of ink were poured to define Martial arts still there wasn’t a complete realization of what Martial arts exactly is.At this point I would like to write something about this I saw some two movies Yesterday and I got some flavor of what Martial arts is so here we go—-

The only thing I know about Martial arts some few days back is it is an Weaponless self defense

Kids in china Taking Martial arts Classes

Chinese Kids Taking their Martial Arts Classes

How did it get Ushered in :

I think Japanese where the commom practitioners of this Sport.The first word which people often talk in Japan when it comes to Martial arts is bujutsu which I searched in Wiki and found out the meaning bu- “warrior,” and jutsu- “technique” or “skill so altogether it is a Warrior with extraordinary skills.Martial arts is not only a skill of striking others but it is also involved with defending yourself from others vicious blows.The Martial arts not only became popular in Japan it spread throughout the World and became very popular in China.In early times, a number of terms were used to describe Chinese martial arts, which are now known as wushu.The word Wushu means to teach the military tips and tricks.When I searched for some more things on chinese Martial arts I saw that after 1949, traditional sports, including the martial arts, were placed under a government Physical Culture and Sports Commission. Martial arts for nationwide competition were standardized into three major categories of boxing (changquan, nanquan, and taijiquan)-Changquan means Long Boxing in chinese.So by end of 1960’s and 1970’s the Martial arts became very popular in China and Japan.

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